Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Have C.R.S.

Another snowed-in day today, and no work. Yesterday's white-out blizzard (they made it officially a "Blizzard") forced most of the road crews to stop working and wait it out. This meant misery for the interstates this morning, and forget side roads or neighborhoods! My street was plowed, but only one lane wide, and with the manual snow removal from the parking spaces clogging the empty spaces and slopping into the street, well, it's just not pretty at all.

We did not get all that many more inches of snow yesterday (probably less than another 12"), but the winds - OMG, the howling winds - we have major drifting. MAJOR.

But I'll get to the snow pics in a sec. First, I wanted to show you I actually stamped something today! I did! See?

I am totally out of these, so it was time to make some more. I used pieces of paper from my Scrap Heaplet for the patterned papers, and all the cut shapes came from scraps. The only virgin card stock sacrificed for these cards was for the bases.

I made two of the brown above (for you hoarders, that is retired SU Taupe grosgrain with Close to Cocoa card stock) and two of the purple below:

(That ink, card stock and ribbon really do match the stripe in the paper. For some reason I am incapable of getting a good pic with purple or blue in it. BTW, the ribbon and card stock are Eggplant. No, really!)

For the purple skirt, I used a too-dark Copic color and went over it with the colorless blender to try and lighten it. I thought I had all the colors, but not quite, I guess. ;-)

I also made one of this blue variety:

Again, for my hoarding-type readers, that's retired SU Bluebird grosgrain with Ballet Blue card stock.

Now for the snow update. Last night I could not even see out my front door because the screen was clogged with blown snow. This morning I could see out, but when I opened my inside door, I saw this:

That's right, the snow was drifted between the doors, right through the screen. Since I knew it was fluffy snow, I tried to open the screen door, pushing away the snow outside so I could reach around to the left and grab my snow shovel. It worked, mostly, until this happened:

Crap. I can say that since this is my blog, and it really does deserve a little ##($&#$*&)(%. What's done is done, so I pushed the door open, went outside and cleared off the area in front of the door so I could open it all the way, opened the screen door and locked it open, then shoveled the snow out of my front hall! Good, gracious!

The steps weren't so bad, since they were mostly protected by the 7-foot-high* walls of shoveled snow from the weekend. But the car, OMG, the car(s)! And the snow from the plow in front of my car(s). Sigh ... I shoveled in waves. First pass I did my front walk and the sides of the car. (Forget the Miata. It is so buried right now it may be April or May until it sees the sun again.) Later this afternoon I cleared off the car, then shoveled out the top half of the plowed snow from in front of my car, then I did a test-drive over what was left to make sure I could get out without having to clear the rest of it, and I did. (I love my Subaru Forester.) I called it done and came in to stamp.

Okay, first I grabbed a bunch of old towels and got most of the melted residual snow off my floor, then I stamped.

I also decided to reschedule this weekend's Stamp Camps, mostly because there is nowhere for anyone to park. The Sunday peeps can park across the street in the shopping center and grab a Starbuck's on the way over, but I cannot tell them there are any sidewalks on which to walk, and that won't work for the Monday night peeps, so I just rescheduled for next weekend. Hopefully some of this stuff will melt by then.

I also hope in the name of all that is good in this world that we do not see snow like this again in my lifetime. I live here partly because of the mild Winters, and this is NOT FAIR, I tell you, NOT FAIR. Although, the Weather Service said it snowed in Dallas today, and that if snow actually fell in the FL panhandle like they predicted it would, it meant all 50 states would have snow on the ground by Saturday. Yes, Hawaii, too, in the mountains. If this is not a Snowpocalypse, I don't know what to call it.

Enough whining. I need to go finish some laundry so I can go to work tomorrow! Only my second day this week. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

*Okay, maybe not a full 7 feet of snow, but it is up to my shoulders, and as far as I am concerned, if I have to heave a shovel full of snow over my head, it might as well be 7 feet high.


  1. she needs somebody to remind her to shave her legs! LOL

  2. Okay, having to shovel inside and outside, that's bad.

    That's amazing about snow in all 50 states! Global cooling.

  3. What a hoot! If I had C.R.S, I'd be all in taupe too. Snow inside and outside? I've done that, but with my car windows (oops).

  4. Hey, L, I saw the same thing at my front door. I used the garage door to go in & out (a pain), but the sun came out yesterday and melted the drift that came up my front door. I was afraid if I opened the door that the snow would fall in. Guess I was right...

  5. Les, I'm so sorry, but your snow pics and your comment just made me lmao. That was no fun, I'm sure, but really....


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