Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MORE White Space!

Once again, I've made an unintended card. By that, I mean I set out with other plans in mind, but this is what I did instead. I am sooo easily distracted!

You see, I actually cleaned the stamps that were out on the Captain's Table, and when I went to put away one of my clear sets, I spied a Unity set I think I've used once. Like one stamp, one time. I thought I'd make my planned card using the Unity set, but then I realized the images were too big. THAT idea morphed into "what if I just use one stamp?" which morphed into "oooh, I have this container of red hearts out ..." to "ooooh, how about white on white", which morphed into this:

I KNOW! What is WRONG with me?!?!?! Sooooo much white! Here's how it all went down: I wanted to stamp the tree in Artichoke, but I was afraid the red hearts with the green image would look Christmas-y. Even though I have every color of SU craft ink in the Spots (those 1" square ink pads), I forget about them, and I felt limited to my 5 or 6 large Craft pads. I thought about white, but then decided that Vanilla might actually be visible to the naked eye, so I went with Vanilla, and I used Winter White EP.

I added all the heart brads, then futzed with the white space for a while until I decided on the strip of hearts, which is cut from a small piece I ran through the Big Shot with the Cuttlebug Hearts embossing folder. A red button from the stash; a retired SU sentiment (Fancy Flexible Phrases) ... done!

Here is a close-up of the tree:

I am not sure what's come over me, but this white-on-white's gotta stop. I have a bazillion pieces of colored paper all over the place, and I need to use them!

I think I'll go stamp something else now, with some color! Oh, and don't forget the latest episode of my Spot the Mistake contest. You have until Friday to enter.

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  1. Looks the vanilla on white!

  2. GORGEOUS!!! I love this..everything about it!

  3. brads -> beads.

    Too bad this isn't for the spot the mistake contest :P

  4. Ooohhh....this is so pretty! I made a white on white card for my last inspiration challenge on my blog and as I was making it I thought about stamping the image in VersaMark and embossing in White, but I thought it wouldn't show. I wish I had seen your card first! It does show and it is a fabulous effect! TFS

  5. oooooooooooooh! ♥♥♥ now see, i LOVE white-on-white and i LOVE minimalist! (i can't DO IT...obviously...but i admire the restraint of others all the more!!!!) :)

    (ps: WV="ables" joke...i just somehow always feel excited when it's a "real word"...) (yes i AM weird...what's your point?!) :)


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