Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Card Randomness (mostly green)

I don't know about you, but I have no fewer than 43.2 card ideas in my head at any time, and no fewer than 4 in-progress projects, which is why my crafty space is a constant disaster. At least that's my story. Tonight, I thought I'd show you the cards I've been working on the past few days.

Last week I posted an Origami Christmas Tree card, and I thought I'd show you the version with a sentiment:

(Man, those folded pieces poof out when not stuck inside an envelope ... ) For this one, I cut the oval a little higher than center on the green paper, which left room for the punched parts. I think I like it better with the sentiment.

Then I decided to break into some of the new stuff I got at Angela's last week. I KNOW! I didn't even let the stuff get cold before I got my paws on it! I used a new stamp and some new-to-me Flower Soft:

The ribbon is some luscious SU two-sided Kiwi & Vanilla satin that I hoarded before it retired, and the sentiment is from an ancient Hero Arts 3-stamp set. I actually like this card, a lot! ;)

Then I got an idea to drag out his guy from several years ago:

... and I made this version. I'm still working on my Flower Soft skillz, and this card should demonstrate I have quite a ways to go. I'm not sure I should use it on both his hat AND the snow. It's a little confusing. I have decided, though, that I like the fine Flower Soft better than the original.

AND, (yes, there's more) one evening in between all of the above stampiness, I debated whether to go to bed or do something on my mental stamping list. This won:

I die-cut 30 of the pink ribbons with a Cuttlebug die, then glued them to 30 note cards. Done. I now have 6 5-packs for my October farmers markets and my Oct 16th craft show. Yay, me!

Tonight, I had plans to make a very cool card that I'm sure you'd all love, but my A Muse fish stamp has gone MISSING (LOCK THE DOORS!), and until I find it, the card will just have to live in my head. I hope to find it soon, though.

In other news, some of you may remember back in May, 2008, BR#2 came over with a few bags of moss, and we took plastic forks out into my back yard so we could scratch up the dirt between my flagstones and plant it. What the critters didn't dig up actually lived!

So this year, when she posted about her annual moss transplant adventures, I whined a little bit, and she delivered some to my door!

Sweet! I hope to get out back tomorrow after work (before it gets dark) and plant some more! (Psst: go read her post and leave her some comment love. Thanks!)

That's all I have for tonight. I need to go find my fish stamp. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have waaaaaaay fewer than 43.2 card ideas in my head. In fact I don't even think I have .2 of a card idea in my head. :/ *sigh* And yours are all so, so, soooooo lovely!!

    Really loving that Cuttlebug Pink Ribbon die. Will have to find that one & start working on some cards for my Race donors. :)

  2. I really like your "thinking of you" card. Sometimes I really like simple stuff.
    I also like your moss pix. We tried to grow moss in our backyard, but it's so dang hot here in the summer, it just didn't survive much. Maybe a couple clumps, but not much at all.

    Left you some bloggy love over at my place, sistah!

    (I'm going to have to start writing down some of these verification words - todays is bansheno. Sounds like some kind of character I may have to draw!)


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