Sunday, October 3, 2010

Market Update

It was an especially glorious day yesterday, and perfect for the farmers market!

It was cool and crisp and sunny and breezy and just wonderful. People were out in droves, which is always nice. ;)

I took a bazillion pics, and today I'll bring them to you in the order I took them. This should give you a flavor for how distracted my day usually is. I mean, c'mon, I can't sit still that long. :) Let's get this show started!

My traditional first pic of the day:

Oops. I caught a corner of Farmer Mike. See, he does exist. :) Yesterday's exchange between the two of us went like this: "So, you need any greens?" "No." All. Day. Long.

DEAR GOD, there's still okra:

"So, you need any okra?"


Pretty sweet peppers:



More eggplant(s):

A few sorry mutants:

Bags of greens:

"So, you need any mustard greens?"
"How about collards?"


I bought a ton of this stuff.


Acorn squash:

A single yellow acorn squash:



Asian something (I forget):



HOT peppers:


Farmer Margie still had some peaches:

Farmer Katie's squash:

Isn't this one pretty? -->

Swiss chard:


Some more hot peppers:

Cukes and squash:

I actually bought some of the cukes this week. Yay, me, for remembering!

Pretty peppers:

Lots of apples:

Farmer Katie lives in Apple Country in PA. Her town has one of the biggest Apple Harvest Festivals in the area.

Cut flowers:

At the end of the day, a guy was leaving with what looked like ALL of these in one bunch. Someone commented that he was undoubtedly making up for something. We are so bad. :)

Over at the flower tent, we had quite a few excitements, but first the Tour de Fleurs. Here's some Cockscomb:

This week's berries are pretty much in focus:


And some more fleurs I didn't bother to remember the names of:

Some yellow Cockscomb:

... and some green Cockscomb:


This next flower was a deep, deep, deep red, but I could not capture it at all. This is the best I could do:

I am so sorry you are stuck with me as your photographer. ;(

More fleurs:

... and my fleurs, delivered to my table!

After I got settled from my camera rounds, MB's girls stopped by to show me some tutus for babies MB made this past week:

Cuuuuuuuute! Some little girls were spotted later wearing some of these. :)

Daughter #2 made me this bracelet later in the day:

(Someone please remind me to moisturize next time, k?)

I had to go over to MB's tent to check out the rest of the tutus:

And for the doggie-lovers amongt you, I give you my one doggie shot of the day:

A little later, someone had the good sense to alert us to the fact that there were Monarch Butterfly chrysalis (es?) at the garden tent, so off we went with cameras in hand.

This is Sedum:

And this is the sign on the plants:

Each of the plants had one! Here's my attempt to get them in focus so I could share them with you:

EEEEK! You can see the wing in this one!

These next two are younger:

There was also a Praying Mantis on some other flowers:

Okay, enough with the bugs.

Here is how I have my Halloween cards displayed:

Given that I never sell any Halloween cards ... okay, that was severe ... I so rarely sell any Halloween cards, I expected this year to be no different. Much to my surprise (and pleasure) I sold a bunch of them yesterday! Maybe it was the display - I usually just add them to my spinner rack. I might have to make some more! Yeah, like I need an excuse to stamp. :)

And near the end of the market, I noticed you could still see the moon in the sky. Check out my attempt to capture it:

Can you see it? It really is there.

As we were all packing up, I heard this aimed at me from over the vegetable bins:
"So, you need any mustard greens?"
"How about collards?"

In other news, I got a ton of new stamps in the mail yesterday, and I hope to introduce them to some ink later. I also owe you a WINNER for my G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y. I will deliver on that one later today. PROMISE! I'm still working on the unscientific, totally unfair selection process that will be employed to choose the winner. Stop back later to see if you're the lucky one!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Do they sell those flowers WITH the chrysalis on them, and the buyer gets the bonus of a butterfly hatching in their home? Amazing!
    And see, your Halloween cards are such a good success! Well done!

  2. thank you
    for the lovely stroll though the market, I feel like I was really there !
    It's cold and grey and damp today
    as fall rolls on in,
    the colours of the flowers, the vegies, the bugs, brought me a smile a giggle the sun !
    and the most important thing of all
    ask...listen...and it will come.

    I recieved a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a wierd flower and I posted it's picture and now one knew but from going to the market with you... I DO ! Cockscomb ! and it is beautiful and wonderous too

    hope you sold lots of cards

  3. What gorgeous gorgeous flowers - I especially like the pale pink & yellow ones - chrysanthemums, maybe? And thank you for the dog pic. What a wonderful day at the market!

  4. "Yeah, like I need an excuse to stamp" ANY EXCUSE WILL DO.

    The flowers and produce are all beautiful. The Okra looks so nice, too bad it tastes like okra. he he

  5. Hooray for your card sales! Halloween used to be a big one for me.


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