Thursday, October 21, 2010


Tonight I made the other 5 of the Retro Birthday cards, then I moved on to the adorable GinaK farm set that lured me to her site in the first place, and I made this:

[I really think that should be We've Moved, but, well, you know ...]

Before you get too awed, let me tell you a funny ha-ha that I did along the way. I pulled out two packs of these Vanilla Raised-Edge note cards (20 per pack) and printed the insides of one pack with the usual Name, Address, etc., lines for people to fill in. Got that? 20 of them.

Then I stamped 10 of them with the cow image and the moooved sentiment. Then I got bored, and thought, "Hey! I can make 10 of them into Thank Ewe cards!" So I stamped the sheep and the Thank Ewe sentiment on 9 of them before I realized the insides were printed with the change-of-address stuff. I laughed - LAUGHED OUT LOUD - and went ahead and stamped the 10th one, too. What the heck, right?!?! This is known in the Twitterverse as a #FAIL, maybe even an #EPICFAIL!

Okay, back to the cow cards. Some of the sentiments are even stamped straight - don't let this one fool you. I'll probably manage to salvage at least 5 of them for a pack of mooooved cards. Then I'll print the other pack of 20 and try again. I may be able to save the fronts of those Thank Ewe cards and do something else with them. Maybe.

My hoarded Raised-Edge Note Card stash is dwindling, which is good, since I've decided I prefer the plain-front ones, anyway. Note to self: order more. It's City Card Season. Sigh.

Tomorrow I'll be bagging and tagging all the cards I've made this week to get them ready for Saturday's market, and maybe I'll find time to make something new, if the avalanche of inky stamps doesn't tumble onto the remaining work space. Yeah, I need to work on that.

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  1. today was not a good day for crafting. I decided to sew on some cards.....
    I sewed them shut! (#Fail)

  2. so, you're message then is "Thank ewe for mooooving" I could send you a list of people I feel that way about...

    wv Clean those dirty flowers with * floryol *

  3. Hahaha! That totally sounds like something I would do! :) Super cute cards, though...I like the idea of the "Thank you for moving" cards. I have neighbors I would love to send one to!

  4. This is sooo cute!! I wish I would have thought of a cow when I moved a month ago. I ended up just never sending anything LOL!
    LMAO @ruffhaven for sewing cards shut! Hahaha sorry, but that is toooo funny!
    MY wv is "worest." As in "you must have had the worest feeling ever when you messed up all those cards." Haha enjoy the rest of your weekend ;)


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