Sunday, October 10, 2010

Market Update

It was another glorious day for yesterday's market! This may be my favorite time of the year! Crisp, clear ... just perfect.

This is the portion of Main Street across from our market pavilion.

THIS is how we know it's almost Hallowe'en:

This building is decorated like this every year, and I pass it on my way to the pavilion. On my way out yesterday, I passed it again and noticed the little spideys, too:

Not so little, actually. I'd say pretty creepy.

Ready for some veggies? Let's get started!

You may notice my traditional first shot is a bit different today:

This is where we'd usually have maters, but Farmer Mike's farm is 2 hours South of here, and his growing season is very different - 2 weeks ahead, to be exact. He has no more maters. ;(

But on a high note, look at what's left of the okra:

Almost all gone. Whoot!

We had sweet peppers:

... eggplant(s):

... and lots and lots of greens:

Lots of basil, too:

People fondled it all day long. OMG, it smelled so good!

Hot peppers:

... and squash:

Farmer Margie had some beans:

... and pretty squash:

Farmer Katie had some maters:

She lives an hour+ North of here. That's what a 3-hour separation in farms has taught us about growing seasons. (Mike is 2 hrs S, she is 1+ hrs N) We just win all around as we get the produce from both ends. :)

Swiss chard:

Zukes and broccoli:

Sweet onions:

Bell peppers:



Normally, I wouldn't give a beet the time of day, but these were ORANGE! I did it for the color.


She also had some gourds:

So colorful!

And some cut flowers:

The flower people weren't here this week, so no MONKEY BALLS. :(

Back at Farmer Mike's tent, he did have some Roma tomatoes:

... but still, this is the end of his season.


... and part of a pepper bush:

Yes, part of the bush. Just look at all that color! I tried to take a pic with three different colors of peppers in it, and this is the best I got:

By the way, look how hot these are [sorry for the sudden change in photo clarity - this was from my phone camera]:

In comparison, a jalapeno is about 30,000 on the Scoville scale. Can you say: peels paint?

Remember these guys?

This is what you'd do with one:

Around 10:30, I realized I still hadn't escaped to Chloe's to pick up a coffee. MaryBeth made a quick call, and her hubby made a coffee run for all of us:

What a sweetie! You can see evidence here that I was spending time coloring some City Cards I'd printed out last week. One week it's tassels, one week it's coloring. I need to be productive. Also, I don't sit still well.

(Do not be alarmed at that coffee spill on the card. Can you see that the city name printed half-way up the card? Stoopid printer. This one was toast anyway.)

At one point we noticed Chloe's was putting up their Hallowe'en decor:

The past few years they've had really creepy (like scary creepy) spiders - furry spiders, so maybe they've moved on to the less nightmarish variety of decor. I'm happy.

For the doggie segment, this guy was a hoot:

Looks like he just had a clipping, too.

We also had these two:

... one of which you can see here, again:

Cute little halter. ;)

At one point I was a little bored, so I got this bug that was on my table:

He was very tiny. I love how you can see the detail in the texture of my table cloth. I am easily entertained.

That's it for market pics! I won't be doing the market next weekend, because I'm doing a craft show with a bunch of other local Etsy peeps! Here's the details:

Falling for Handmade
(hosted by the ETSY Capital Area Street Team)
Saturday, October 16th, 2010
10 am - 4 pm
Boehrer Park*, Gaithersburg, MD

It should be a lot of fun with great products for sale. There are 50 artisans planning to participate. That's a lotta Etsy in one place, people! Stop by if you're in the area!

In other news, I made 4 bookmarks last night in an effort to try to be ready for next weekend's show. Think about it: how is it possible for me to do the market every weekend for 5+ months, then not be ready for a craft show? Well, I'm not. I hope to get my act together this week and crank out some goods.

Thanks for stopping by!

* If you're looking us up on a map, you might have better luck looking for Gaithersburg High School. They share a driveway.

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  1. Cute doggies - I love when they splay their hind legs out like that. Wish I could come to the craft fair .... maybe I could .............


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