Monday, October 11, 2010

Countdown to Saturday (4 days)

The countdown to show day continues. Tonight, I'd planned to work on some Fall-themed cards, so I made some Thank You cards that have nothing to do with Fall. What ... you're not following my train of thought? Imagine that.

I had stamped and die-cut 8 of these flowers to use on book marks, but they were too small, so this could be considered a UFO project. A badly-timed UFO project, but that's not my point.

Okay - here' the card:

The flowers are from a Heartfelt Creations stamp set and coordinated Heartfelt Creations dies that I picked up at Angela's while still under the influence of a major enablement session, the result of a Jennifer McGuire class. They were stamped with SU Pomegranate ink on Vanilla card stock. I also managed to use some Pomegranate paper and a few inches of my hoarded Pomegranate ribbon. I added some teeny pearls from my stash to the center of the flowers. I liked it, so I wanted to make another one.

Then this happened:

The stamp had THE NERVE to fall off the acrylic block and onto my card front. Grrrrrr. Fortunately it didn't bounce. I immediately went into SYFY mode, so I bring you SYFY Tip #14. I made up that number since I've lost track, but it's close, so I'm going with it.

Here is how I executed this evening's save: I stamped the "thanks" on a scrap of Vanilla, then punched it out with the new teeny oval punch from the Holiday Mini:

That one schmeared, so I did another one and covered up the boo-boo thus(ly):

Here are the two finished cards, side-by-each:

Does the one on the left look like I meant to do that? Well, does it?

Okay, so I have about another hour left before bed time, and so far I've only made two Thank You cards. I am not making very good progress, am I? Sigh. I think I need to make something with leaves. Or ghosts. I got some new Tim Holtz tapes I need to check out. Or I could make some not-round Peppermint Patty things. Or not. Sigh...

Hey, thanks for stopping by!


  1. yep, it looks like you meant to do that! :) Good luck with those autumn cards!

  2. I like the added dimension! Yeah, you totally meant to do that ;)

  3. Love the colors, but my totally un-stampy thought is that the oval should have a rim of the pomagranate color. Love, love the embossed bottom.

  4. oof! i don't know who "MB" is but i suspect she is one of my other personalities who's been commentin' on stuff in my sleep!!! :) (this could be why i am so tired!) anyway, she sums up my thoughts EXACTLY...but then i am ADDICTED to outlining/inking...but YES it looks gorgeous AND on purpose and i just generally love the whole thing!

    (ps: i am trying to think of a joke in which the punchline "EMBOSSED BOTTOM" is not utterly filthy!!! i will have to get back to you on that, kthxbai!) :) :) :)

  5. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
    Oh, by the way, I think I forgot to tell you - the Anniversary Cod just cracked up my folks! :)


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