Sunday, October 24, 2010

Market Update

It was another glorious day yesterday, and no, I'll never get tired of it.

Fall is definitely in the air! Farmer Mike had his painted gourds for sale:

And he even sold a few! :)

Let's get started on the veggies du jour. First up, sweet peppers:

... eggplant(s):

What's left of the field 'maters:


And greens:

... as far as the eye can see.

Farmer Mike: "You need any mustard greens today?"
Me: "No."



Green beans (out of focus, sorry):



Hot peppers:

And squash - lots of squash:

The flower peeps were quite popular. Here's some Salvia:

... and Celosia:

Something bright yellow:

... and some milk weed we all know and love as MONKEY BALLS:

Some pretty orange:

... mums:

and more mums:

Some more pretty orange:

(Apparently I'm drawn to color.)

Some Swiss chard:

... and brussel sprouts, still on the stalk! -->

It was so much fun to see people holding these things as they walked around - it's not like they fit nicely in a bag. :) Here's mine:

We had some beets (again with the orange):

... and some pretty bell peppers:


Some cool little gourds:

... and pumpkins:

These are for cooking, not carving. They are heavier for their size than carving pumpkins. Farmer Mike told me so, so it must be true.

Then I went back to the gourds and tried for some close-ups of the bumpy ones:

These are my flowers this week:

They said this is the last gasp for the flowers, so we don't expect much more this season. ;(

Oh, before I forget - bread:

... and pies:

... across from me. It's such torture.

Then I got bored (things were kinda slow), so I thought I'd show you some MONKEY BALLS up close and personal:

And then we had a little visitor:

I spent some time chasing him with my camera - he kept switching sides - so I could get him with his wings open:

He was really into that blue flower, so I could get pretty close to him ...

Okay, moving on to some doggies ... Check out this guy's hoodie:

This pic is too dark, but you can see the whole hoodie. So cute:

[Sudden change in topic.] I looked across the street and saw this spidey:


Okay, back to the dogs. This guy saw something interesting:

A playmate:

Hi, guys! How about a sniff?

Why, hello there:

Hey, buddy - your ears are standing up. Let me check that out:

Then we had a visit from a real princess:

Oh, more doggies: Three wiener dogs:

Then I got bored again and took this pic of a flower up close:

... and this one:

... and this one:

And THEN, o.m.g, I found the bakery had these humongous macaroons:

Like small muffins. Solid coconut. I got two. SO good.

To close out our show, I bring you an orange stink bug:

There was a green one, too, but I couldn't get an in-focus shot of him. All our stink bugs are brown, but Farmer Mike has colorful ones.

[ETA: I hit enter and this published before I could finish. ;/]

That's it. Only two more markets for me this year. Sad, I know. I have two shows in Nov, then one in Dec and I'm done for the season. I'll have to think of something else to post. Hmm, maybe I could make some cards this winter.

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  2. I adore your market posts. All those veggies make me smile. I so wish I could shop there!! And - I LOVE the duck gourds! :-)

  3. Really fabulous shots of those playing dogs! And I'd like some macaroons too, please. LOVE those!!!
    Only one question: How did you manage to get a pic of yourself as princess, and from behind??? ;)

  4. I love your Farmers Market posts! I am still so jealous. We have a farm area called Greenbluff, but you have to drive through it because all the farms are spread out and they all have their own little shops, plus it's almost an hour away from my house. :(
    But your pictures make me happy!

  5. You'll eat Brussel sprouts but not mustard greens? Well, I don't eat mustard greens either, so I don't blame you for that. But Brussel sprouts? Ewe! I love your market posts and I will be sad when it's over for the season.

  6. One of those gourds looks exactly like Elvis. The King's trying to give us a message. What could it be?

    wv prentsp hmmm "p rents p" that's gotta be Presley, too. enigmatic.


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