Friday, October 8, 2010

More Hallowe'en - Variations on a Theme

Remember this guy from last week?

Well, since I had so many comments about them at my market, and the market manager even ordered a special one (which I just managed to make!), I figured I'd attempt to be a good crafter and use up some of the remnants of those papers. I mean, I could save them for next year ... well, I could, but there will some new, fantabulous paper out next year that will make me forget all about this stuff, so I thought I'd use it now. (Psst - I secretly just didn't want to have to put it away. There, I've said it.)

I had all sorts of 5" pieces left over from cutting the 12x12 pieces at 7" last week, so I tried to work with those. Here's what came out.

First up - a square in the same fashion as the original, just ... square:

I decided to not fight it and I just used one of the small images instead of sweating about fitting three on there. I kinda like how it came out. Oh, and yes, I know that ribbon is crooked on every stinking one of these, so you don't need to point that out to me, k?

Here's another with a different Mad Hatter image:

Next I made some A2 sized with two images:

I was at a loss what to do with those Hallowe'en Wonderland images, and I like how these turned out. You can still see the lace on either side.

Here's another one:

Then things went awry. I had a stack of 6 5x5 pieces of that background paper, so I did the math and knew I needed to cut them in half at 2.5". Unfortunately, I didn't think it through thoroughly, and cut it in the wrong direction, so I had vertical patterns. Sigh.


Sigh. I cut 6 of the bases, but I only made one or two with this SIDEWAYS paper. The rest got set aside. I might make them for my Craft Show next weekend, or I might not. I am officially sick of this paper now.

In other news, the weather is FANTASTIC and it should be a great day for the market tomorrow. I hope your weather is as nice as it is here. :)

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  1. These are stunning! No wonder they were the buzz at your market.

    Yes, this weekend will be glorious! Not a cloud in the sky yesterday too...didja notice? Nothing but blue :) My f-i-l arrived yesterday for the weekend, so dh & I can ride on the trail!!!

  2. can i just TELL YOU how exciting it is to hear someone else say their creative choices were dictated by the fact that they didn't feel like PUTTING SOMETHING AWAY??!?!! you are MY HERO!!!!!!!!! (ps: every single one of these is ♥AWE♥SOME♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (♥♥♥!)


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