Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Retro Birthday

Twitter is expensive. It is! People say, "Ooooh, look at THIS!" and instantly I am enabled to go shopping to obtain whatever crafty items were used to create the card. Yes, I am weak.

So someone used the new cute critter set from GinaK, and I just had to go look at it in her store to drool a little and contemplate its purchase. GinaK also happens to be one of the companies that makes Nestie-friendly stamps. Sigh. That sealed it. What was I to do but shop even more than planned. You know, to justify the shipping. Plus, if I bought three stamps sets, I got another Nestie-friendly set for free. I was doomed.

So my GinaK stuff arrived yesterday and I introduced one of the sets to some ink by making this:

I think it fits perfectly in my so-not-Hallmark line. The bus is what sold me on the set because it's facing to the right, and I think vehicle images should always face to the right because that's where the card opens. The sentiment made me love it even more ( like I needed convincing).

I'm very proud of the materials used to make this card. The paper was on my heaplet, and the flower brads are at least 4 years old. I will get 6 of these cards out of one 12x12 piece of pretty paper, so I disappeared that paper, too. Sweet. And look, Ma, no ribbon! :)

In other news, I acquired a web cam yesterday from @PaperGrace, one of my beloved Tweeps. She is a real sweetie-head, and she does possess the collage gene. I am so jealous. Go to her blog and check out her crafty goodness! Here is a very beauteous card she included in the box with the web cam:

So pretty!

I'm also working on finishing up my Halloween paper remnants so I don't have to figure out where to put them away. At this rate, I'll have enough Halloween cards for many years to come. Not that I'll stop buying new pretty papers each year - heavens no! But at least this year's papers will be gone. In two weeks I'll just pack up all my remaining cards so I'll have a nice supply for next year. :)

Next up will be my standard panic for my next set of Stamp Camps. I'll need to move my November sessions up to the first weekend in Nov because I have a craft show on the second Saturday, and I'll be in no shape to prep the kits, set up the stations, and be on my feet all day on Sunday. That means I have 2 weekends to get my act together. Like I said, panic has set in. I sure hope to get a clue, and soon!

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  1. I love retro, and this van is so retro. I wonder if we'll find them produced again. The bugs are big again, but boy are they expensive. $40,000 in Canada. Your card is adorable, and how nice you got to browse Gina K's store.

  2. I love your retro card! It may be my new favorite!

  3. Thanks, YOU sweetie-head!, for showing my card. ;) Glad you like it and the webcam. Hope to see some awesome vids in the future.

    Totally love the retro van card!! Super cute. Our neighbor has the real deal. Just sitting in his garage. He's a total hippie. Drives a Prius now, with the VW bus in the garage. Pretty funny.

  4. Love that retro card, hee hee! You know, I think I have that stamp... neglected.... poor stamp.


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