Thursday, December 20, 2012

That Sucks

When I first saw this Paper Smooches set, I knew I needed it, if only for the vacuum cleaner and That Sucks sentiment. I know, I know, it breaks my 50% rule*, but I did it anyway. Finally, last night, I finished this:

I love this sentiment. I do. This all started with that washi tape. I had a pack of 3 rolls still unopened, and that needed to be corrected. I decided to do that pattern where the tapes are applied at an angle in two different directions, much like this pattern I first fell in love with from the old OWH blog. Of course I'm using washi tape instead of paper, but still ...

Here is one of the OWH pics so you can see the design of the uncovered base:

My first challenge was how to get it straight. Paper is one thing - you'd just line 'em up in a paper trimmer to get a straight edge, but I was using raw washi tape. Here is what I did to get it even:

I put a piece of card stock on a diagonal across my card stock and applied the washi tape. Then I ever-so-lightly trimmed along-side the card stock with my craft knife:

and I magically had a straight line:

Then I just used that line as my guide for placing the tapes in the other direction.

One thing I learned as I was playing with the tape is the striped tape is not black. Nope, it's brown. Not that this revelation changed my life or anything, but I felt I needed to share.

Here she is again since I've been blathering so:

I decided it was all too much and needed to cover it up, so I used my new Lil' Inker Designs Instant Camera Die to cut out some white card stock to break up all that tape. After I stamped and colored the images on the inner piece of the die, I edged it with some SU Barely Banana ink and a sponge dauber to give it some contrast and make it look like a picture. And because I have miles of the stuff, I added a brown twine bow.

Speaking of which, I'm selling 20-yard lengths of my new 7 colors of twine in my Etsy shop, in case you don't want 400 yards of each color like I got. I really do need a keeper.

In other shameless commerce news, I've updated my For Sale page with some Spellbinders dies and some SU Hostess sets I'm selling.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's raining and it's perfect sleeping weather. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

* 50% rule: When buying a stamp set, you must like at least 50% of the images or you can't buy it.  This has saved me tons of money over the years, and I've almost never regretted it, but every once in a while I cave.

Products used and not linked below: Lil' Inker Designs Instant Camera Die, Marianne Designs washi tape, SU Barely Banana ink.


  1. love the way you worked that washi! i'm stealing this and using it for a card ASAP!!

  2. What a clever girl! I love everything about this card! Just wondered why you didn't use your new Inktense pencils for the colouring?

  3. I love that set too!!! Your card is terrific. Way to use the washi!! It frames your vacuum perfectly.

  4. The 50% rule makes sense. I have more of a 75% rule and that's just picky ;) This set was soclose to making it into my cart...mostly for that sentiment.

  5. Love that washi! I think I'll be trying that in the near future :) And you've saved me countless hours with how to get the edge straight. Gorgeous card!

  6. HAHAHAHAHHAA! Love this card, it describes EXACTLY how i feel today

  7. That is a cute set, I don't blame you for breaking the rule. But the washi tape on this card is awesome.


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