Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mellow for OWH

Last weekend I decided to attempt another disappearing act with a 6x6 pad of paper. This time I chose my Basic Grey Mellow pack, and I need to tell you: I always break into song when I use my Mellow papers. Yep, Donovan's Mellow Yellow. Feel free to click that link if you'd like some background music. (Sorry about the 5 seconds of ad you'll need to hear before you can skip it ...)

Remember this card I made:

and I mentioned I liked the sketch so much I'd use it for some OWH cards? Yeah, I did say that, and I did do that, too. A lot of them. But first, a tale of woe.

See that twine above? For the Mellow papers, I wanted to use plain brown twine, and luckily I'd ordered a bunch of solid twine from Amazon. Seven different colors. Yes, you'll see some for sale in my Etsy shop one of these days. So anyway, I have Amazon Prime, which means I pay a flat fee each year and I can order whatever I want and pay no shipping. Plus, it comes in two days. I win. So I placed one order for seven spools of twine, all from Amazon (as opposed to a third party). Guess what? They shipped separately. Yep, I got three boxes on Monday, two of which looked like this:

That's one spool of twine and a lot of air. Yes, indeedy. The third box had four spools, so someone got a clue.  Thank goodness I didn't pay individual shipping on these, but think about it, Amazon: duh.

So yes, I got six of my seven spools on Monday, and the one that did not come ... is the one I needed to finish my cards, of course. It came tonight, so now you get to see my cards that I started on Saturday.

First, I made four of each of the following:

I started by cutting a bunch of the pages into strips, then paired them with the least offensive rectangle patterns.

This next one is kinda fun:

For the next one I broke down and used a piece of the solid green since none of the strips I'd cut looked good, or even passable, with the print:

And this one is my least favorite of the bunch:

I was not enamored with the blue patterned paper in the pack, so I picked an SU blue. I think I should have used a lighter blue card stock. Oh, well.

See all those handsome brown bows? Yep, I tied them all tonight. About 25 of them. Ugh. There is brown fuzzy hair all over my craft desk and my ghetto photo studio.

So after I made those 20 cards, I still had a pile of paper strips left over. Since I was in my OWH groove, I cut up some pieces of printer paper, stuck on a bunch of strips of the patterned papers, trimmed them even, then cut them into strips. I made a few of these with them:

 Same sentiment, but I got all retro and put on some brown half-circles that aren't quite the right size.

This one I got crazy and put the diagonals in the opposite direction:

 and just to mix things up, one horizontal card:

 Yeah, it's off center. I actually did mean to do that, too. :)

Then I got distracted and started sticking the patterned paper strips to pieces of white card stock scraps that were on my desk. For those, I just used them whole, and this is what happened:

This next one was without the handsome half-circles, and it seemed off, so I put an extra brown bow on it:

 This one I left huge, too, and just rounded the corners at the bottom:

Then, since I'd already cut into some of the precious solid papers, this happened:

 And lastly, this one:

That piece of brown scallop was headed for the trash when I said, "Heeeeeey, it's brown!" and it lived on. And I'm not sure if you noticed, but I used ribbon on this one! Check it out:

Yes, I'm very proud.

That's 29 cards for OWH, and all but a few pages of my Mellow 6x6 pack are gone gone gone. Whoot!

Thanks for sticking around and reading!


  1. Wow! You have been one busy card maker again! I love the variety you managed to produce from that one paper pack. Gluing the patterned pieces onto white paper, diagonally, was very creative. Job well done once more for OWH!

  2. wow.... again you are just showing off! ;) seriously-great set of cards!

  3. You go girl!
    Seriously.....OWH must love you!
    You just churn out the cards!

  4. Wow! You are a card making machine. They are all wonderful. Why do people ship things like that, it's such a waste of cardboard.


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