Thursday, December 6, 2012

Washi + Ribbon + Oops

So I was playing at the craft desk last night, and ... well, I keep a pile of "meh" and "pffth" at the top of my grid paper pad, and every once in a while it speaks to me; sometimes I listen.

I saw a piece of yellow ribbon next to a few pieces of nicely trimmed black card stock, and I thought: yellow + black + white. Do it. And I did. This is what came out:

 I wrapped some black floral washi tape around a piece of Bazzill Avalanche card stock (almost out of that stuff), then as I tied the yellow ribbon I noticed some green schmears on the washi tape. What the HECK? Look at these!
heh heh I had put a dollop of Peacock Liquid Pearls near the edge of my grid paper for another play project that is now just so much trash, and I'd forgotten it was there, so yeah, it got onto my fingers and schmeared onto the black washi tape as I tied the bow. Ya know what? I decided I liked it! I even squirted out a bit more to even out the schmears and make it look like I meant to do that! :D

Once I got past that debacle, the most difficult part of this card was the sentiment. I went with the XOXO from the HA Year Round Sentiments set, but I really, really, REALLY wanted to attach it with a button ... it wasn't going to happen - the balance wasn't right. I ended up with that not-banner you see up there.

So yeah, this card was one big happy accident, and I've used a piece of ribbon from the "meh" pile and also a few more inches of washi tape. Go, me.

In other news, Bobra is a little rascal. I need to figure out how to alter his internal clock so he plays all day instead of starting at 11 pm at night by burrowing under the covers and attacking me. For an hour. I am so. tired. I've also swapped out the nice quilt for one I care about less, so the play time won't shred the good stuff. Kids: what are ya gonna do?

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  1. I like!
    Seems like I haven't done ribbon in ages. And it ain't like I don't have a million rolls of it. This is really complementary - love!

  2. Love this happy "accident"! It looks tres' chic and like the blue was supposed to be there all along. Pretty color combo and lovely card! :)

  3. I thought you put those dabs of color on there on purpose and I like them. Nice accident.

  4. I wish I could have accidents like this one. It came out beautifully. I love those bits of green schmears on the tape. These sentiment is sweet and looks just right on the banner. I love that you rounded two opposite corners.

  5. Your happy accident is beautiful! I saw the green color before I read what happened and wondered how you did that or if the washi came like that. Love the yellow with the black.

  6. I love the black with the yellow!! Awesome CAS card!

  7. This turned out to be a fabulous card! WOW! I love the little touches of blue on the washi tape!

  8. Heck yes, the answer to accidental smudges is purposeful smudges!

  9. OOF! i actually thought the tape came that way... a lot of amy tangerine (to name but one designer) stuff has kind of random "ink droplets" on it lately, i just thought this was one of those products! :) :) :) it does look TOTALLY fabulous and totally *INTENTIONAL*!!! (i'd've managed to smear the stuff allover the plain white panels. one of the reasons i never reach for a plain white panel, i think, i just ASSUME ink smudges will appear from out of the air! :)

    ps: dear mr. bobra, as a fellow creature who drags all day and suddenly gets a burst of energy right at "bedtime" i sympathize, but the money for noms & nip comes from mama's day job, so best to cool it a couple nights a week, k?! ♥


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