Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just About Gone

In my continuing quest to use up a whole pack of 6x6 paper, I went into The Captain's Quarters today to tackle the remnants:

I had an idea, but then I got distracted, but I did use up almost all of what you see, resulting in 15 cards. I'll show you a sampling.

First, I went with yesterday's theme from Linda's card and made two like this:

Then I layered a 2" piece under the banners and made one or two like this:

Next I grouped some of the longer strips and made a few like this:

For the next few - a long version with layering, I measured wrong and cut the 2" strip too short (duh) and had to come up with a way to save myself, so I tore the paper layer and then tore the black layer to make it look like I meant to do that:

And no, the bling isn't black; it's just more bad lighting. Sigh.

Then I started layering the 2" pieces onto black and cutting them too short, like this:

Oh, wait, you didn't know I meant for that to reach end-to-end, did you? Rats. But again I was saved because I tied that twine around the piece, and when I stuck it on the card front, the fuzz didn't hang over the edge of the card, so again, I meant to do that.

I have a "don't be like me" story for you. See those banners:

I thought I was being SO SMART by not trimming them until after they were put onto the card. Again, I was stamping without a net and had NO idea what I'd do for a sentiment, so in my mind it was smarter to not trim the banners until I knew how short to make them. In theory, there is some logic in there, somewhere.

Trust me when I tell you they would be much, much, MUCH easier to trim before they are stuck down. I was a little excited while applying the adhesive when I stuck the strips to the horizontal pieces and it ran over so when I put them onto the card fronts, some of the banners were stuck down. Yeah, next time I might plan better. Or not.

Here's the black version:

 I didn't layer the black ones. Also, I used some of my collection of "do you have that in smaller than 200-yard quantities?" twine collection. It's very thick. I was hoping it would pass as neon to go with my Hero Arts neon inks, and it still might, but in the mean time I used it here since the black wasn't going to work. I cut a slit in the fold of the card to feed it through. Some people don't like the ribbon to show on the inside of the card, but fortunately that doesn't bother me.

In total, I made 15 more cards for OWH, and this is all I have left of that 6x6 pad of Urban Prairie paper:

Two narrow strips (one patterned and one white) and eight 2" squares. That's it. All gone. I may even use these pieces on a card or two, just to use it ALL.

That reminds me of an old Hi and Lois comic. Remember them? The mom asked Ditto (of the Dot and Ditto toddler twins) if he'd eaten all the cookies. He said, "No." The mom said, "Well, there's only one left; here, you can have it." He took it outside to eat, then he smiled and said, "NOW I've eaten them all." HAHA!

On that note, I shall leave you to get back to your lives. I'm kinda glad all that paper is gone. With the long weekend (I took Monday off), I may need to disappear another pack. We'll see.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used:
Hero Arts Many Birthday Messages (SSS | EH)
Vertical Happy Birthday by Inky Antics
Hero Hues black ink (EH)
Hero Arts white embossing powder (SSS | EH)
Versamark ink (SSS | EH)
May Arts black twine string burlap (SSS)
Wishy Washi Tape Bakers Twine (I got the sampler)
Tonic scissors (SSS | EH)
Teflon bone folder (SSS | EH)
Fiskars paper trimmer (SSS | EH)
Basic Grey Urban Prairie 6x6 pack
SU Naturals White card stock
Bazzill White OP card stock


  1. Another enjoyable read of the adventures and misadventures of the Captain in her quarters! Everything turned out great, in the end. Great disappearing my friend!

  2. love the cards! especially white bases with neon-ish banners!

  3. Love these... and that colored twine is fabulous!

  4. I think this batch is the best of your paper pad disappearing quest yet. But if you think you have paper pad issues, did you see Emily's post today ?

  5. Ho, ha, he! Loved reading your story of the card escapades here. Sounds a lot like my card making! Yours turned out fabulously, and it's encouraging to read how other cardmakers do a 'save'. Thanks for the enjoyable read, the beautiful cards, found you via Jennifer McGuire and will be joining as a follower. Hope you'll visit me as well if you have time.

  6. I think I like pennants/banners. I'm drawn to them on every card I see. I like the twine too.

    Quest-the Wishy Washi store-I'm I a complete idiot (loaded question) or are they charging $8 for one roll of washi? Explain please.


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