Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beeeeg Doily

I know things are not normal (or more not normal than usual), since I crafted all day yesterday and it was 9 hours between photos. That may mean it took me 9 hours to make a card, which may or may not be true. Here it is, then I'll explain:

Besides being a totally sukky photo, how fun is this? Well, *I* like how it turned out. It all started when I disappeared most of a 6x6 pack of Basic Grey Lauderdale paper, but I held out one piece of black & white that screamed "DOILY". I used my old MFT High Tea Doily die on it, then placed it on a square (yes, square, I know!) of textured orangey-coral card stock remnant. I like how you can still see the paper pattern in the center and around the outer edge, but it's all die-cut in between.

The sentiment is from the Hero Arts Essential Messages set, and I curved it to fit on the acrylic block to match the curve of the banner.

Time for a weekend update: While packing for this weekend, I took my box of "USE IT ALREADY" stamps and dies. I have a rule that I can't put them away until I use them. That kinda morphed this weekend, and the new rule is things can't be put away until they are used, by anyone. This is very different. I only tell you this because I had to borrow back that banner die to use it. I kinda like how this morphed rule is working out.

In other news, the ladies talked me into a visit to the Waffle House to consume "scattered, smothered and covered" hash browns*. In non-WaffleHouse-speak it's hash browns with grilled onions and cheese. Um, YUM! I have been initiated.

Thanks for stopping by!

* See the Hash Browns part in the center of the menu.


  1. WHAT! You've never had the Waffle House special? What a deprived childhood! LOVE the card, BTW!

  2. I am so impressed and pleased that you have taken the time to post blogs while you are away. It is so much fun getting to see what you are creating and updates on the goings on in general. Thanks. MWAH!

  3. Very pretty! I haven't been to a Waffle House in a long time, but that sounds like heaven to me!


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