Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mastering Spray Inks (Not)

I laughed as I typed that title, because I'm so far from mastering spray inks I can't see it over the hill and far away. But I did play tonight, and I did make a mess, so all is not lost!

I came into some Stephanie Barnard spray inks a few weeks ago, and I needed - NEEDED - to play with them. Tonight I cut some Core'dinations white textured card stock into card fronts, taped up a box to make it fairly safe to catch the spray, and got started.

First, I tried flicking the inky tube onto a piece of the card stock. I did this on my craft mat for protection, and amazingly most of it hit the paper. This is what came out of that effort:

That's just a few splatters with pink, green and yellow. Not too bad. No big blobs, but I'm okay with that. I added some pink washi tape and a sentiment from my now-open Avery Elle Lots of Love set.

Next I went to the box and tried spraying. I had to throw away a few pieces of paper before I got it under control, but here's the first one I kept:

The orange came out kindof concentrated, but that's okay. I lightly sprayed some yellow around it and called it done.

Next up, red and yellow:

I kind like it. :) One more with green and yellow:

This one got some washi tape behind the sentiment, too, for a little contrast.

All in all, I'm kinda pleased for the 30 minutes I played. Hopefully I'll come up with a different splotch pattern next time. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not linked below: Stephanie Barnard spray inks, Core'dinations Foundations canvas texture card stock (got it at the LSS), misc washi tape.


  1. Very nice! i can't get the hang of sprays, but now I am encouraged to try.

  2. oohh, love these! Looks fantastic!

  3. oh i am diggin the second red and orange one!!!
    -Rachel w k

  4. So it looks like the box is important when it comes to the full on spray part! Distance may be key. I like how these turned out - the texture of the cardstock made your splats extra splatty :)

  5. You did pretty good with those! I have never had any luck with sprays at all. They either clog or they are too messy.


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