Wednesday, April 3, 2013


No, that's not a secret code, nor is it an acronym. It's how I spell the sound a cute dinosaur would make, like this one:

When I made the video for yesterday's CYDI tutorial, I might have started over about 4 or 5 times, so I had a lot of pieces of colored embossed card stock laying around. As is my nature, I let it approach critical mass before I tackled it, and since I was packing for a crafty retreat and planned to pretty much dump my desk into a large bag, I didn't need this stuff coming with me, so I used it. I'm sure you'll see more UFO projects here shortly.

The dinosaur was left from a pile I'd cut for yesterday's SOS challenge, so my self-challenge was to use them together. I decided he needed to be purple, and not Barney purple, but Giant Purple People Eater purple. Different ear worm. You're welcome.

I tied some twine between the blue and purple areas, and popped the dino up on dimensional adhesive so the twine could be his "ground". For the sentiment ... do you know it's tough to find speech bubbles with the tail pointing in the desired direction? Someone needs to make mirrored speech bubbles. Please, get right on that.

So I wanted to put a sentiment in a speech bubble, and I chose to open and use my Paper Smooches Alphawimsy set because they juuuust fit. Also, because they work with wonky and not perfectly straight. You know how I can be.

So today I'm en route to a crafty retreat, where I plan to get all sorts of stuff done. I mostly plan to crank out some cards for OWH, and to use my pile of not-yet-used stamps and dies. Wish me luck! :)

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Products used but not linked below: Whisper Graphics Divine Twine, Martha Stewart glue pen.


  1. Love that little Dino. Hope you have a great time at your "crafty retreat". I am so ready for one of those but the thought of unpacking craft supies is enough to make me shudder at this point.

  2. Love the blue and purple. AND of course the sentiment too. Precious.

  3. He's adorable! Have fun at your retreat - I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you return. In other news, I have ordered washi tape - all your fault! - and it should be here this weekend.

  4. Thank you for skipping over the more recently famous big purple dino...shudder. Nightmares.
    I love the gradient background, and the MWAR? Totally adorable.


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