Saturday, April 6, 2013

Snark Time!

I am not dead, just incommunicado. Also, these ladies are keeping me up waaaaay past my bed-time - like until 2:30 am - so I'm too tired to take pictures or blog. A few more days of this and I may BE dead, but what a way to go!

Just to show you I am actually stamping, I thought I'd take some photos today and share a few cards.  First up, in between some OWH marathons of disappearing some 6x6 paper packs, I used a few pieces to make two irreverent cards with a borrowed image that screamed "irreverence".  See?

RIGHT? It had to be done. The stamp is by Stampers Anonymous, and I need it. NEED it. I like that I can make them say just about anything. Here's another one:

I stamped a TON of the image to use until I can acquire my own. I was also a Girl Scout, so I am nothing if not prepared. :)

I'll be back with another post shortly.

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  1. I love these... the cards and quotes!

  2. I am happy to see that the irreverence arrived in Ohio with you! What fun cards.

  3. You know, I think that's how I'd want to go too. Surrounded by fun stampy folks & PAPER. That image is awesome on its own, but the sentiments? They just make it PERFECT!
    I don't even know if you do blog awards, but I gave you one anyway :) It's here:

  4. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Your cards are great - love the snarkiness.

  5. perfect stamp for making them say whatever you want :) love these
    -Rachel w k


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