Saturday, July 27, 2013


This post could alternately be titled "Why I Don't Send Cards". I think I've touched on this subject in the past. I make cards, but I rarely send them. You see, if I want to send a card to someone I actually know, it has to be special. I can't send one of the 358 cards I have laying around here, no no no no, it has to be special, which means I need to make it, and, well, time just slips away, as does the event, and it just never happens.

So two friends of mine are getting married tonight (yes, I said tonight), and I've been slaving away today to get just the right card for them. When I say "slaving", I mean it in a good way. If I didn't like them so much I wouldn't bother, but ugh, I think I started 12 cards, most of which are now parts-is-parts in the trash, and I went in a totally different direction to finally come up with this:

And this is not my first iteration of this version of the card, either, but I do really like how it turned out. The background is scored, the white part of the tuxedos were cut from die-cut hearts the same size as the black ones, the left heart is on dimensional adhesive, and the sentiment is embossed. The pearls were white, just colored with a black Sharpie. That black ribbon? At least 100 years old. At least.

Oh, wait, the wedding is at 3:00, not 5:00. EEEP! Gotta run!

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  1. OMG, that is perfection! I am pinning it right now and will probably steal this design, too.

  2. I enjoy regularly visiting your blog-for your creations, wit, self depreciation, and etc
    It was past time to comment and tell you that..
    Your friends will be especially recognized by this card. Congrads to you and them (!) of course.

  3. I love this card and I will use file this away as one to "case" .

  4. You are such a smart cookie! Wow! This card is perfect. I'm with Marianne and plan on casing this when I need a wedding card!

  5. I am totally in love with this card! SO awesome! Also, nothing like the last possible second for amazing creativity. I will never change my ways on that...I *think* I've finally accepted it.


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