Sunday, July 14, 2013

From The Ashes

I might need a new category called "From the Ashes" for those cards I make from stuff on my desk, or from UFOs, or really any discovered object that wakes up the brain cells.

Yesterday, in a fit of ... something, I decided to re-organize some of my dies. They are all in a box, but some are on magnet sheets, some are still in their original packaging, and I've been spending way too much time looking for specific dies. Plus, I'm running out of room, so it was time. I had pulled out all sorts of individual dies and some magnet sheets, and had about 5 of the magnet sheets in progress on my desk when I heard an awful sound. Awful.

You see, I work at a standing desk, and it's angled in an attempt to save my neck and back. It has a lip on the front edge, but I have a pad of grid paper there so it only holds the grid paper and everything else sits on top of that. Yes, the noise I heard was 3 of the magnet sheets sliding off the desk and onto the floor, where floor = The Abyss, and The Abyss = that area of floor at my feet and around my desk that holds ... let's call it "overflow".

Dies ... everywhere.

I sat on the floor and began collecting the loose dies, and realized I was missing one. So I started to look through boxes and bags and loose papers and ... you know: The Abyss. Nothing. It was time to clean.

The last time I "cleaned" my desk, the s-crap pile that lives on the right side of the desk landed in The Abyss and eventually got kicked under the desk. Yesterday, I pulled all that out and triaged it. I ended up with a lot of pretty trash and some real gems.  One of those gems was a piece of card stock scrap that I declared to be The Ocean, and I made this:

If you cover up the birds and look at that piece of paper at the top of the card, do you think it looks like a stormy beach? That's what it screamed to me. I paired it with some Kraft card stock and used some twine to help with the transition. The sentiment is from one of the new Hero Arts OWH sets. I added some Liquid Pearls because I thought it needed something, and at the last moment I drew in some birds.

I think the top panel was left over from some inky experiment. Tonight I call it a happy accident. :)

And no, I never found the die. *weeps*

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  1. What a wonderful card emerged from the abyss! It is very artistic. I see you have the same spool of May Arts jute twine as I have. I don't think I will live long enough to ever see the end of the roll...

  2. Leslie this is so beautiful and serene. I think I want to visit that place! :) Did you ever find the missing die in the Abyss?

  3. Love this card, so serene...i want to spend a month here, taking reservations? Lol.

  4. I love this card, it reminds me of Florida. Yes, it does look like a beach, not terribly stormy, just a beach. A lovely one. I hope you find the wayward die.

  5. t is a wonderful card. Love the transitioning twine, brilliant idea. as for the lost die..I'm very sorry, I lose clear stamps in much the same way.and apparently haven't learned the lesson!..

  6. Like Julia my 'thing' is to lose clear stamps. Occasionally buttons as well. I'm going to start calling my under-desk the Abyss as well! I hope the die turns up shortly (before you step on it or Bobra catnaps it! Kit-naps? lol)
    This card is gorgeous - that piece totally looks like waves crashing on the beach. LOVE.


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