Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SCC2 Week 3, Day ? Homework

I admit it: I've been struggling with my Online Card Class Summer Card Camp 2 homework. I was really good with Week 1, then during Week 2 I made a lot of pretty trash, and here in Week 3 I've made one card (and lots of trash). The classes are FAB-U-LOUS. I'm just having a lot of major FAILS.

I did manage to make one card that is blog-worthy. This one does not follow any of the sketches (shocking, I know!), but it  ... well, here's the card, then I'll explain:

I made the white-on-Kraft background a few nights ago. It survived the pretty trash nightmare. We are supposed to use two browns, two purples and a light blue. Most of you know that purple for me is one step above (gah) pink! The first 5 or 6 failed cards were my attempts to use as little purple as possible. They sukked.

Today I had the idea to take it in another direction and EMBRACE the purple. I also saw this photo of a blue frog:

and I thought hmmmmm, what if I start with a blue frog ... so I did! The frog on the bike is a Stampotique stamp that Libby enabled me to need based on this post. I embossed the bike & frog onto the background and stamped and embossed him again on a scrap of white. I then fussy-cut the white one, covered it with Versamark and dabbed on some Patina Blue Perfect Pearls. It really is blue, even though it looks green. Whatever. I put him on dimensional adhesive over the frog stamped on the base.

I was going to color the bike brown for the dark brown color in the color combination, but the first thing I did was color part of the front tire. FAIL! So he's been riding in the mud, maybe on the C&O Canal along the Potomac. That thing is a quagmire after it rains.I still colored his bike brown, but I made his tires muddy, too. I totally meant to do that.

Oh, the "embrace purple" part? Did you see I made PURPLE GRASS?!?!?!?! I did. Blue frog, purple grass, frog riding a bike. Yep, all good.

Here's my attempt to show you some of the shimmer on the little guy:

He's quite a handsome fellow.

I also added a layer of dark brown under the Kraft background, and put it on a 4 1/4" square base. No sentiment, mostly because I forgot, but I don't think he really needs one. I can add a speech bubble later, if I feel like it.

I love all the techniques in class, and I'm sure I'll use them eventually. Maybe I'm too old for homework. Yeah, that's it! heh heh

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  1. ....or you could stamp the sentiment on the inside....

  2. Oh, it's SO CUTE!!!
    I used to stamp all the time. Now I only haul out the papers and inks for Halloween and Christmas, which is a shame because I have some wicked cool stamps.
    I think purple grass looks fabulous. Well done!

  3. This is simply adorable! Well done!

  4. Very cute. I love it. Purple grass and all.

  5. LOL You are SOOO FUNNY!!!!!:) I LIKE your Blue Frog & Purple grass!!!!!! It's FAIRYTALE-ISH!!!!!!:) SUPER JOB!!!!!!! :)

  6. You did a great job! Purple grass, who knew!!!

  7. I am a big collector of frogs! So, I absolutely love this card. I looked up that stamp and have put it on my wish list. Christmas is going to cost my husband a fortune this year!

  8. He is a handsome fellow. As for the sentiment, what would a bike riding blue frog say, I wonder? Maybe "Holy Crap, the grass is purple!" ;-)

  9. Awesome card, and I love your description! Makes me want to go find a frog to stamp!


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