Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SOS #111 - I Don't Need Another One (or maybe I do)

Happy Tuesday! It's time for a new challenge over at Shopping Our Stash. This week our theme is I Do Not Need Another One (or maybe I do). Yep, we're talking to all you collectors who can't resist just one more butterfly stamp, or one more 6x6 pack of pretty paper, or the just-announced set of Ranger Distress markers to, you know, complete that collection. We all do it to some extent, so this week we ask you to show us what you collect the most of by using it!

Not so long ago, my answer would have been ribbon, and I did just buy some more that I don't need. However, I decided to use my current weakness and went with, you guessed it: washi tape! OMG, I just bought some more, too. I am weak.

Okay, okay, here's my card, then I'll explain:

I needed - NEEDED - to get this MME Kate & Co 6x6 paper pack and its coordinating washi tape. I HAD TO! Hmmm, maybe I should add 6x6 pads to my addiction list.

I love these papers so much, I got engrossed in them and almost forgot to add the washi tape! Thankfully I couldn't find a sentiment to fit that white panel, so I used some of the tapes as filler. *whew*

And yeah, that top corner decided to come unstuck, it's not a feature. This card has already been sent, even. I KNOW, right? I decided this was better than the one I made over the weekend to accompany a check I needed to mail.

I listed two colors of yellow Copics below because I didn't like how bright the Y06 yellow came out, so I went over it with YG00 to try and tone it down a bit. It sorta worked.

My card follows the ... checking ... long-expired Descontructed Sketch from July 4th:

Now it's YOUR turn. Go into your collections and decide which one you want to tell us about, then use something from the collection (you'll notice I'm not calling any of us hoarders) and come back to Shopping Our Stash to link us up so we can see what you've made!

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: misc buttons and twine, and the following:


  1. well, when i look at this, i think, "YES! you totally NEEDED those things, or else you couldn't have done THIS!" obviously!!! which would've been a real pity... especially since it's already been SENT!!! :) :) :)

  2. As soon as I read the subject for the week, I knew I'd see Washi. Love the colorway and design.

  3. I absolutely see why you need the paper and washi tape, who could argue with that? Now that I have begun to use washi tape I can see how one's collection could get a little out of hand. Mine hasn't yet, but that's just because of budget restraints.

  4. Exactly what Jackie said - seriously, budget restraints are all that keeps me from being even more overrun with crafty awesomeness like washi. Also, in our defense, I think of 'hoarding' to be the collecting of not-useful stuff, in which case, no matter how much we amass, we should be good. I think.
    I can't believe that you almost forgot the washi, after all that....nice save :)


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