Sunday, September 7, 2014

Five Bun Birthday

I was playing with my Avery Elle Storybook stamps and colored a bunny like Libby's pet rabbit Caeden. He is sooo cute.

Here's my finished card, then I'll explain:

Thank goodness for the matching dies for this set. And thank goodness Caeden is mostly white. This card actually started with the one bunny stamped on the white panel, and holding one balloon. I wasn't feeling the love, and I as I sat and pondered the meaning of life, I remembered an old old old card I once saw that was entitled Twenty-One Bun Salute that featured 21 images of a bunny's butt. That's when I got the idea to color more bunnies, but I knew I wasn't up to doing 21 of them, so I stopped at five. Of the four new bunnies, one is stuck directly to the panel and three are popped up with foam tape.
I then stamped and die-cut two more balloons and popped them up on foam tape, too. For the popped-up balloons, I tied some DMC floss around the balloons, then poked a hole in the bunny's arm (not too much blood, thankfully), and fed the ends through the hole to secure them on the back of the panel. I then tied a separate bow around the strings to mostly cover the hole I'd poked in his arm. This also covered up the fact that I didn't like where I'd stamped the first balloon's string. There are no mistakes in stamping; only opportunities for embellishment.

Note: These dies leave a border around the images, so if you want to paper piece your image (like the balloons) you still need to fussy-cut them to keep the white border.I hope that makes sense!

I had a big white empty on the upper left, and I also had an extra stamped Taylored Expressions sentiment on my desk. (See? A UFO pile, even when I'm on the road.) I added two strips of the red paper and put the sentiment over them. A quick blue layer, all mounted on a white base, and done!

I think these bunnies are crazy-cute, so you'll probably see them again.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Zig Kurecolor alcohol marker - Porcelain, misc DMC floss, and the following:


  1. This is so adorable, probably my favorite during your visit. But probably because it is Caeden-inspired. :-)

  2. Love the 5 bunnies, and that flag shaped sentiment is perfect.

  3. Did I mention that you are a bitch because I NEED this set? Why yes, I think I did.... and this card just cements my need (and your bitchiness).


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