Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SOS #170: Shower Time!

It's Tuesday, and time for a new Shopping Our Stash challenge. This week's theme is Shower Time!, and we're using our shower curtains as inspiration for our cards.

Here's my card:

which was based on my shower curtain:

I've had this shower curtain forever, and I love it. I've always wanted to make a card based on the patterns -- leaves, Fall, frayed edges. Finally, I've made one!

It all started last year when I bought a roll of "hemp ribbon" which is really just loosely woven burlap, and not much good for anything, which is probably why I haven't used it until now.  I opened it and cut off about a 4" piece, which I used here. The patterned paper is a piece of card stock from The Heaplet. I couldn't figure out how to make the burlap stick, so I poked holes in the card stock and put in three brads around some of the burlap's fibers to hold it in place.

I next opened my never-used Lawn Fawn Stitched Leaves dies. I love them! Don't know why I haven't used them before now. I cut them out of textured papers from my miscellaneous card stock color packs now stored in my organized colored card stock section.  I arranged four of them onto the card panel, then pondered how to make them stick. Answer: more brads! So I went into my collection of Almost Every Colored Brad and got three that pretty well matched the card stock leaves. I then  glued down the green one (I thought the card needed some green), and poked holes and attached the three top leaves.

By now the card was getting pretty tall, and it still needed a sentiment. Foam tape to the rescue! I stamped the sentiment in Hero Arts Brown Bark onto a remnant of cream textured card stock, and attached it with two layers of foam tape. I put a little wet glue under the left end of the banner to make it stick down to the bottom leaf.

For my last act, I mounted the panel to a folded green textured card base that came in a pack with matching envelopes. I acquired these in another "here, you take them" moment in a friend's craft room.

Ya know what? 100% of this card is miscellaneous stuff, a feat not normally achieved in these parts. Go, me!

So that's what I've made inspired by my shower curtain. I think you should look at your shower curtain, get inspired, and play along! Be sure to check out what my teammates have made - they have some pretty cool shower curtains!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: textured green folded card, misc textured card stock (for the leaves), miscellaneous brads, patterned card stock from The Heaplet, remnant of cream textured card stock, and the following:


  1. i already loved the card as a card AND as a take on the fab shower curtain as well, but now i'm even MORE impressed... 100% using-up of miscellany??!?! YOWZA! well done! :)

  2. WOW!! Super take on your shower curtain Leslie! Love that hemp ribbon!

  3. I love that you used as these little bit and pieces to create your card! The burlap is such a fun touch of texture.

  4. Congrats on using 100% "scraps". The result is gorgeous and just what I would "expect" from a CAS Maven. So much of is captured with so few design elements. Very nice, Ms. Leslie! This really was a fun challenge...eventually! :D)

    (The word maven comes from Hebrew (Mavin) and means one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge.

    Chana Malkah

  5. Fantabulous card! And yay you for it being 100% scraps!

    And now, I want some of that ribbon...

  6. I have some of that burlap ribbon somewhere but I do not know where. I so wanted to use it the other day too. Do you know where it is? I love the leaf dies and can't believe you didn't use them before now. 50 lashes with a wet noodle. Love your card and it makes me jealous cuz I struggle so hard to make fall cards and I love it soooo!

    Also, love the shower curtain. I too have had the same curtain forever. Mine is similar to yours minus the leaves. It is colored squares, not all geometrical but sort of... not geometrical. I like it because you can opt to switch up the towel colors and you have a variety to chose from and still match the curtain.

    Can I go home now? Today is boring me.

  7. Yay miscellany! I so loved this challenge :)


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