Monday, September 22, 2014

Just Playing

One of the cards I made this past weekend pretty much made itself. Gotta love that! Here it is, then I'll explain:

This is a piece of paper from the Chickaniddy Scrumptious 6x6 pack, and it called to me. I trimmed an inch off of each side so the points would be centered, then put it onto a brown layer from the same pack.

In a fit of rare common sense, I actually ordered the coordinating bling for the paper pack. I usually don't bother, as I have a squillion pearls, gemstones and enamel dots, and heaven knows I don't need more. But I did get them.

Only one problem: I didn't read the fine print. I thought they were enamel dots, so I stuck my brown panel to the card base, thinking I'd just add a few dots and be done. But nooooo, these are brads, and not small brads, either. I had to disassemble my card, sacrificing the one side of the base, poked holes through both panels where I wanted to put the brads, then put that onto a new base. Oh, the humanity.

I will say, though, that these are a perfect match for the stripes, so maybe I need more matching bling. I really don't want to get into that habit, though. It could be trouble.

Does that sentiment look familiar? Yes, it was still out from two other cards I made last weekend, and it was perfect for this card, too. I also declared it to be the third spot in my visual triangle, the brads being the other two.

This was almost too easy. To make up for it, I made a more difficult card, which I'll share in a few days. Hopefully by mid-week I'll have my bags unpacked and my craft desk re-assembled so I can make new stuff. :)

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What I used:  Lawn Fawn freebie (came with a humongous order), and the following:


  1. It may have been easy but that doesn't take away from how fabulous it is! Besides you did put in some work . . You did have to assemble, disassemble, and reassemble. Just sayin ;) Those Brads were totally worth it though.

  2. yeah, sometimes it's a mixed blessing when one of our less healthy habits SAVES THE DAY, it kind of makes one have to totally embrace the matching-brad-buying lifestyle wholeheartedly! :) (on the other hand, you wind up with THIS FAB CARD, so there's that!!!)

  3. Wonderfully put together, Leslie.

    I have had those moments...brads vs dots...I just cut off the brad feet and put a shload of glue or rolled up glue dots underneath.

  4. The problem with matching bling is you can't find it when you are using the paper in question... or you don't even remember you have it until the project is done.

    You can hack the posts off brads with a wire snip and stick just the head on with a glue dot. Not that I've ever assembled a card and then decided to add bling.

    Anyway, love the simple card that wasn't at all simple to put together.


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