Thursday, September 11, 2014

More Smells-Good Cards

When I played with shaving cream last week, I made several practice pieces, and they came home with me to eventually (hopefully) be made into cards. Here are three I actually made:

I stamped this one while at Libby's (I don't own that stamp, but now I kinda want it), but I made it into a card the other day. I wanted the swirls to be the star(s) of the card, so I put it onto a solid card base with no additional embellishments. I did add a white layer, of all things, to separate the blues in the swirly piece from the blue-green of the card base.

Here's another one:

I added a bunny and put him on a strip of crooked washi tape. The crooked wasn't on purpose, and I just now noticed it. Sigh. I stamped the sentiment and put it on a pool card base.

And my last card for today:

I cut this piece of swirly paper into three strips and staggered them a bit for the background. There really was yellow ink in the mix, and I'm happy I had some in the corner to prove it. I just added a sentiment banner and called it a day.

That's three more cards from UFOs I brought home with me. This means they didn't land in my growing UFO pile at home, and I'm quite pleased about that. :)

In other news, I just contracted to have some built-in base cabinets installed and some ELFA shelves hung in my craft room. The shelves will go in next week, and I'm excited to get to hunt for pretty boxes to start the massive re-organization process. The built-in base will be mostly drawers to hold my stamps and dies (I've outgrown my current storage system), and since I'm getting rid of all my existing cabinets, the open shelves will house the remaining non-stamp and non-die contents. I'll be busy for a while. I'll be sure to take Before and After photos for you. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Foam shaving cream, and the following:


  1. Now these turned out wonderfully! The shaving cream was one of the first stamping techniques I ever learned (late 1990s), but I don't recall have fab results like these!

  2. I like that last card best, but they are all great. Looks like you had fun with the shaving cream. Do the cards really still smell fresh from the shaving cream?! And you are just taunting me with that middle card, aren't you?!

  3. no i won't even have UFOs in my house. I used to, but the aliens would keep me up all night skyping strange planets on my computer. If yer gonna phone home all the time why don't they just stay there?

  4. Love looking at these, those patterns are so interesting.


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