Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scrappy Challenge

In my continuing quest to use some of my scraps, I tried this week's sketch: CPS108 at Card Positioning Systems.

Of course, I needed to be irreverent. Pretty paper ... irreverent ... and did you see I got ribbon in there, too?

I added the bling at the last second, because I felt the blue layer needed something, and the bling was out on the table and quite convenient. It might have been better to put a flower in the top left corner instead of that lonely-looking faux gem, but all I have are white, and I am too tired/lazy to color them tonight, so there.

The only challenge I had was mounting the blue layer since it was so thin, so I added a piece of card stock to the back for stability. As an added bonus, it used more of my scraps. Yay!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Tomorrow, I'll tell you all about the Field Trip that this way comes!!!! :-)


  1. What a hoot! Your card is so elegant looking and then you get to that saying - love it. I'm sure that's how my DH feels about me, I mean that I am so annoying. :)

    Thanks so much for playing along with the CPS sketch this week. I am so thrilled to be the sponsor and I am having a lot of fun playing along with the sketches too on my own blog – Hope you can check them out!

  2. Very nice! Love what you did with that CPS sketch.

  3. Another wonderful Leslie humor are too funny :)

    I am so impressed that you are still dedicated to The Heap. You have been pulling out some really pretty was no exception. Love that ds dp!

  4. oh YUMMMMMMM! brilliant card! i loooooove that shade o'blue! i like this sketch, as well; i should get my lazy heiny over there and do this one...i could use some of the strips from my big box of realllllllllly small scraps!!!

    (ps: what's wrong with a white flower on this? i think it'd look great with that blingy bit in the center...not that this card NEEDS a flower...but if you were considering it!) (...just my 2 cents...) :)


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