Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crookedly Domestic

Now that I am in Winter Mode, every once in a while domesticity rears its ugly head. Here are just a few examples that have struck over the last few days.

Earlier this week, my one and only official Christmas ornament came out of its box (stored in the bowels of my closet in The Other Room), and is now displayed on my shelf at work. I think this says it all for me. And in case you cannot read through the blur, it says, "This is as merry as I get." I so love Maxine...she is such an irreverent gal.

Last night I made another batch of buckeyes, partly because I had a clean table top to use as a staging area, and partly because if I did not make them soon, my boys would go without this year, and no Mom in her right mind would allow that to happen! I shipped theirs off today, and another box of the little goodies will end up on the door step of my mechanic and his crew, who have valiantly kept both of my cars alive this year, in spite of the fact I so rarely brought them in for a check-up.

And last, but most definitely NOT least, this beauty arrived on my door step a few moments ago. Yes, I have had the Keurig cool aid, and it is good. We have had one of these brewers (a higher-end model, of course) at work for a few years now, and we are hooked. Big time. Actually addicted to the point that several people bought one for home use, so I finally broke down and got one for myself, too. I had to do some major counter cleaning to make room for it (that would be the domestic part) and I just took it for a test-drive using one of the herbal teas from the sampler pack that comes with the brewer (I can no longer say 'coffee pot'). This thing would be so stinkin' handy for a crowd (yeah, like I ever have crowds here ...): one person can brew high-test coffee, the next can have herbal tea, and the next can have hot cocoa. So I guess I can be a crowd of one and brew whatever floats my boat. I already have a stock-pile of coffee so I can brew a mug o'joe and sip it on the way into work. Sweeeet.

Last on my list of things to accomplish this week, besides the never-ending laundry, is to actually write my holiday cards, address them and mail them. You'll notice that's a three-step process. Wish me luck.

PS: I hope to actually do something crafty some time, soon. Very soon.


  1. I just had a single serving coffee at a friend's house 2 weeks ago from a Keurig. I had never seen it. How very convenient!

    Your table top still looks immaculate...even with all those buckeyes :)

  2. Good luck with the cards...thats what I'll be working on today. That candy sure looks good....

  3. LOVE MAxine!

    Wow..are these Keurigs becoming popular! I almost bought one last year but was put off by the Senseo (have one of those, do not care for it!) Hubster has/had a Keurig at work until they broke it! Now it's the same coffee but brewed into a carafe somehow. I've almost bought him for Christmas but....we drink a good bit of coffee !


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