Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It Needed Ribbon (Really!)

In a Good Demo moment a while ago, I purchased three of the Handmade Holiday Card Elements packs, sans stamps. I had high hopes to use the cards for one of my workshops, using existing stamp sets in my collection, but it never happened. And now, for a December workshop, it would a little too late to show my customers something they will not be able to order and get in time for the holidays, so what to do ... what to do ...

The other day I went through the exercise of opening one of the kits and making all of the cards. Then I yawned and promptly set them aside. I think I need more of a challenge. These kits are really meant for people with no time but still want to make their cards (it took me about 30 minutes to make 18 cards...), or for new stampers who want instant gratification. Now usually *I* want instant gratification, but, well, I guess I am just not a kit kind of gal.

Let's give them a gander, okay?

Here is card #1:

I used the Peace stamp from the retired Perfect Endings set instead of the suggested 'To You & Yours' set that I did not buy. Eh, it's okay. But it was nekkid! Nekkid, I say! The kits had NO RIBBON! The nerve! So - I added some. This one uses the retired Taupe grosgrain (yes, I hoarded it.)

Here is card #2. Nekkid, until I fixed it by adding some ribbon.

And here is card #3. Yes, more ribbon. It needed it, okay?

I need to tell you, though, the story of the fate of these 18 cards (not to worry - it's a happy ending!) It all started yesterday at lunch, when a co-worker of mine mentioned he'd probably not have time to get his Holiday cards this year, so he would just not send any. A little alarm went off in my brain, and I asked him if ...oh, say ... 18 cards would be enough? He thought Yes, so I brought them in today to show him. He liked them and agreed to buy them. I told him I wanted to add ribbon to make them look more finished, but he said I did not need to do it for him. Well, I wasn't; I was doing it for me.

I even went so far outside of my usual routine as to stamp on the envelopes, too:

Things get really wild around here sometimes.

That's about all the excitement I have to share this evening. I am still working on another project for my December workshops, but none of my attempts have panned out to anything workshop-worthy yet. Well, one of them has, but it needs a heat gun for embossing, and I already have two embossing projects. I'll either need to cut one of those (definitely possible) or come up with another idea. I'll do a little more lurking and see what I can dream up in the next few days. ;-) Thanks for stopping by!


  1. yep, like the ribbon version best! were able to try the kit out and help someone else out in the process...even if it was accidental :)

  2. uh huh...the call from sweden shall be coming ANY MINUTE NOW! (seriously: you are TOO GOOD!!!)

    and btw, you are
    (about the ribbon, i mean!)

  3. Yep, I vote for the ribbon version. These look so good!

  4. yep, like the ribbon version best!

  5. Ugh! I don't know if this is a duplicate or not but if it is, please delete it.

    Most definitely needed ribbon! What WERE they thinking when they created these kits?

    Re your final workshop project...have you thought about a punch penguin? three-for-you punch wreath? punch Santa?

  6. I almost bought that kit to use as thank you notes for Christmas gifts, but I didn't want yet another stamp set nor the agony of hoping an existing stamp set would work.

    And yeah, it has to have ribbon. I don't think I use ribbon a lot, but maybe I do. I made a new stamp friend who looked at some of my cards. She said, "You like to use ribbon." Then a customer at G'berry's told me yesterday, "You like to use ribbon." So I guess I really do :)


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