Friday, December 19, 2008

Too Stinkin' Cute!

It is all Lydia's fault! She posted this, so of course I HAD to look. OMG, if you like baby animals, then this is the site for you: You can get your daily fix; you can get a widget for your bog with baby animal pics; or like me last night, you can just park for a while to look at the pics and videos, and laugh and say, "Aaaaaawwwww!" for a long time. They do not get a lot of comments, but they told me (because I asked, of course) that they get a lot of happy traffic, emails and links, but as we all know, comments ROCK! Right?! Just check 'em out! You know you want to ... ;-)

PS: I put their link in my blog list over yonder in the right menu bar, too. Just in case you change your mind, later.

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