Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Phonetic Punctuation

Well, yesterday's National Haiku Day post was such a rousing success, I felt I needed to take up the challenge presented to me by Lauren, when she commented thus(ly:)

...the ()'s and **'s are silent...but you MAY pronounce them if you wish!!! (i'd like a .wav file of that, actually!)

Well, Lauren, you've made the mistake of asking that of someone who knew about this man (and yes, I have the video, too):

See what happens when I am not stamping? Actually, I want to scrap, but I need pics, and my photo printer is dead without some new ink cartridges, which I ordered yesterday, and until they arrive chez moi, you are stuck with reading stuff like this. Sorry.


  1. Very entertaining! You and Lauren are so well-rounded...how did I ever get along without the two of you educating me on all this British humor I was previously unaware of??? I've always loved Blackadder, but now I am a Victor Borge fan and a Lauren Cooper fan :)

  2. OMG!!! yes!!!!!!!!!! victor borge! i have not thought of him in yeeeeaaaaarrrrrrs, but now that you say that, i realize i inadvertently ripped him off when i made that comment!

    thanks, leslie, for the reminder of phonetic punctuation!!!!!! :)


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