Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Little Stamping, and SYFY Tip #8

We were dismissed early from the Day Job yesterday, so I took advantage of the extra play time and did some stamping. I had an idea brewing, and as I rummaged in the closet in The Other Room, I was distracted when I (re)discovered a package of six square kraft note cards, untouched and unopened. Virgin cards. In the same area was a pack of unopened, untouched, virgin DaisyD's papers. I took them both lovingly to my stampin' spot and set to work.

This is what I made with the 6-pack of square cards. I used my PTI sentiments set and chose six of the more common sentiments (b'day, anniversary, sorry, etc.) to make a set of cards. "None of my other card sets sold at my shows, so let us make more", she said, illogically...

Turns out I'd cut more than I needed, and since I (she said through clenched teeth), I used them to make a few of these:

Very simple, and I even dressed them up with a brad in the center of each square. What? They look almost centered, you say? Really!?! I must be losing my touch! Actually, I took a ruler, laid it corner-to-corner on each square, and made an 'x' so I knew where to punch. Crazy, I know!!!

And now for SYFY Tip #8. I used Not Quite Navy for the blue layer, and when I put the Navy ribbon with the sentiment, it was just wrong, and I could not get past it. What to do ... what to do...

So I made my own ribbon-ish embellishment! Yes, I did! I took a piece of Not Quite Navy card stock and cut very thin strips, and left them attached (I did not cut all the way to the end of the scrap), then I simply stuck the tassle end to the back of the ovals, and there you have it: a custom-made ribbon stand-in!

Here it is up close and personal, but I think it looks better from afar.

For my next trick, I have something I am working on that I'll show you tomorrow, once I am sure I can actually pull it off. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cool embellishment! I'm definitely going to have to remember and copy this one!

  2. Very nice! Using your stash up and no new scraps AND the best part....making cool cards. When I saw the birthday sentiment, as I was reading I assumed you were going to say these were your belated birthday stash cards.

    I am glad you had a mini break from the day job to make something to share with your blogfriends :)

  3. oooooooooooooooooh! and, AHHHHHHHHH, even! :) love these. there is something so comforting about working on a grid, isn't there? makes ya feel creative & organized alllllll at the same time! (WAHEY!)


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