Monday, December 22, 2008

Keurig Update WARNING

Just a quick note... nay: words of caution! That Keurig coffee brewer I bought? Well, be careful! In the old days (that would be last week!), I would brew a half-pot of mud and when it was gone, it was gone...I'd switch to water. But NOW ... now that I have The Machine, I can brew a cuppa joe any time I want to, and I do! Just because I brew a mug and sip it on the way to work does not remove the need for a mug once I get to work. And then we have the weekend. Oh, lordy. I was brewing until mid-afternoon, because I could. Can you say 'wired'? I was on speed all weekend!

Oh, and this afternoon at work, one of the Water Club folks asked for a demo of the machine, so I brewed another mug o'mud! Then I drank it! I may never sleep again.

So as wonderful as they are, and given the addictive nature of our collective personalities (c'mon, we're stampers here!), just BE CAREFUL!!!!!

I am done now. And I'd go to bed if I weren't so hyper! Sigh ....


  1. I just heard about those on Rush - is it really cool? I might have to get some for gifts.

  2. Sleep is over-rated. Make some more cards :)


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