Saturday, December 20, 2008

Separated at Birth?

Have you ever met someone, then you find out you have a lot in common? This happens to me often; I think the older you get, the more you have done, thus increasing the chances you will have something in common with more people (if that makes sense.)

So I was just cruising my blog list, putting off the task of writing my holiday cards, and I found that Brenda has the exact same item on her wall that I do! I mean exact! What are the chances?!?! Okay, hers is the mirror image of mine, but still... Check out this post, first pic, and look at the bike she has on her wall to the right (in the photo) of her fireplace, then look at this:

Yep - same thing. Her bike theme is because her husband bikes, and my bike theme, is well, accidental, even though I used to bike. I actually ended up with three bike-themed decorations on my walls, and it was not even planned.

Oh, and I left this photo largely uncropped because I wanted you to see part of my condo without stuff stacked up everywhere. And please notice the lamp is crooked ... how appropriate.

Here's the other two:

This is a metal sculpture I purchased at a craft show, and I had a choice between bikes and trees, so I chose bikes. The one on the right is a bit bent due to shipping issues; I just call it "character".

This one I have had forever. There used to be a great ribs restaurant here in Gaithersburg that had prints of this artist adorning all their walls, and I fell in love with them, so I went on a mission to find one for myself (a print, not the restaurant.) The artist is G. Rodo Boulanger, and I found a local art store that carried the prints. I got ... the bike one.

Have you also noticed the color pattern here: green? Yeah, that's me. Both of my cars are green, too. It is a sickness.

Well, I guess I should go and write my cards now. Then, even though I thought my card-making was done for a while, I realized I have no Chanukkah cards left, so I'll be making some of those this weekend, plus I still need to make my belated birthday cards for my December customers. I swear, I should just plan to make belated cards and I'd be all set. ;-)


  1. you have a scar just below your eyebrow on your right eye?

  2. Very cool picture. You and Brenda are two peas in a pod, huh? Great minds :)


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