Monday, December 22, 2008

National Haiku Poetry Day

In honor of today being (among other things) National Haiku Poetry Day, I give you a Haiku I wrote in either Elementary or High School (it was a loooong time ago, either way):

When the sun passes
Look among the garden weeds
For asparagrass(es)

That last word was mis-spelled on purpose (poetic license) and the last syllable is illegal, but I put it there because, well, I am a rebel that way. If you swallow that last syllable like I do, then maybe you can get away with it (like I do.) ;)


  1. WHAT????? I LOVE HAIKU!!!

    I'M OFF TO COMPOSE!!!!!!!!!!

    Wait - that was rude. Here...

    I cannot believe
    That you love Laura Ingalls
    Must be a stamp thing. :)

    (the :) is silent)


  2. ooh ooh ooh ooh OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!
    love to blog about haiku!
    (*glad* that you do, too!)

    the ()'s and **'s are silent...but you MAY pronounce them if you wish!!! (i'd like a .wav file of that, actually!)

    ASPARAGRASSES!!!!!!!! brilliant!!!!!

    ps: have you seen this?!


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