Sunday, December 28, 2008

Knowing When To Stop and Another Collage-y Attempt

First I give you: Knowing when to stop. I have set myself a personal goal to get the majority of my inventory of cards uploaded to my store before I hunker down to begin my scrapbook phase of the season. The scrapbooking has been delayed due to lack of ink cartridges for my photo printer, so I took advantage of this weekend and I have been in an upload frenzy. Until today, when I hit a wall. No, I have not run out of stuff to upload, but did you know Blogger has a safety net for us? If we try to do too many uploads in one day, it starts to prompt for that pesky secret word to be entered. And not just have to enter it for each and every upload. What a pain.... So I've decided to give it a rest for today.

Before I began my upload marathon, I did make another attempt at that whole collage-y thing. This time I used yet another piece of the Provence paper (blue) for the background and to stand in as the sky. Not bad, not bad... I will endevor to continue my attempts at this paper piecing thing. Maybe I'll stamp something and put things together that way.

Or maybe I'll leave the house and go to the grocery store and buy myself some food. I am even out of soup. So sad...

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  1. you have a darker green that you can use to separate the lower blue piece from the upper sky/darker green piece? The trees get lost (in my opinion) in that section). And it might help the transition near the right.

    Collage-style looks difficult. I think I'll wait a bit longer before I try it and leave it to those more experienced! Might this be a card for stamping critique?

  2. What? I know nothing of this secret word prohibition!! Too many uploads? Geez, I better back it down a notch!

  3. just when i thought my admiration could not INCREASE...holy've dunnit again! WOWSERS!!! when you're covergirl on all the art mags, you *WILL* remember us little folk, wontcha?!


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