Saturday, September 11, 2010

Card #4!

I cheated. I did. I fell in love with a card and I bought the instructions. I DID! But you know what? I like the idea, and I just may do it again! Lots of Demos make up class kits for other Demos* to purchase, and until now I've resisted. I prefer to make up my own cards, but I know when I'm beaten, and this week was one of those times. Here it was - Friday before my Stamp Camps, and no 4th card in sight.

During my blurfing last week I fell in love with these cards: Halloween Punch Class and bought the instructions. This is the card we'll make tomorrow:

Isn't he great? At first I thought the wings were from the SU Bat punch, which I have failed to purchase yet, so I was trying to make them with supplies I already have. Upon closer inspection, though, the instructions do not have us using the Bat punch, so I was saved! Once I followed the instructions, it was so easy!

Since I wooed most of The Ladies into buying the Owl punch last month, this will give them something else to make with it. FUN! Also, I'm not holding any Stamp Camps in October, so this will give them a taste of Halloween so I don't miss it entirely.

I did take some veggie pics today at the farmers market, but I still have to cut up all the card stock for the kits for tomorrow and set up the stations, so I'll post the market stuff tomorrow evening.

Thanks for stopping by!

*You do not need to be a Demo to purchase these kits. No one checks your id, and your money is good. Just sayin'.


  1. i'm not convinced that that 'bat' is convinced of her own batNESS...but i like her LOL

  2. Totally cute, although I don't see the bat punch in it. Maybe the scallop edged punch and the large oval or something of the sort for the wings, but the bat punch? I don't have that one either though...


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