Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick & Easy Card

This is one of those projects that finally got checked off my mental list. Back in April, I spied some very cool finger towels in one of my Dad's bathrooms, and, well, I stole one. They're just fancy napkins, people. Sheesh.

So I had a paper napkin sitting on one of my "dump it here, you'll eventually get to it" tables, and I walked by it every day. Today was the day it got used. Lookie:

It's just a napkin, but do you now see why I needed to take it? Seriously gorgeous. Why did I wait until today? Well, because the technique I wanted to use involves plastic wrap and ... an iron. Digging into one of my closets to find my iron is not high on my list of favorite things to do, plus it was summer, and as you should all know by now, I don't do hot.

Today I decided to take out the iron and use it to iron two linen shirts I bought in the midst of a brain fart. Yes, they are comfortable. Yes, they are linen. Yes, they are cool to wear in the summer. Yes, they are machine-washable. Yes, they come out of the dryer looking like I slept in them. Actually, if I slept in one of them, it might look better than when it came out of the dryer.

ANYway, I had a plan: iron two shirts, then iron 6 napkin parts. I followed the instructions in this video from forever ago for the napkins. In 25 words or less, you use plastic wrap as the glue between the one-layer napkin top and your card stock, with lots of paper above and below to protect your iron.

I stuck the napkin to a piece of Very Vanilla card stock, trimmed it to fit a 5x7 card base, added a Soft Suede layer, and some twine (PTI) with a button ( for a spot of color. I may go back and add a small tag with a sentiment on it. I'm batting about 50-50 (can you bat 50-50? or is that .500?) with sentiments. About half my market customers say, "Oh, if it only said ..." or "... if only it didn't say ...", so leaving the tags off is just as good an idea as adding some, and it's way less work to not have to do them.

In other news, it is raining here. Not just any rain, but rain like Noah experienced where he had to build an ark. I strongly considered floaties for the Miata. And it's still raining. I don't know what we did to deserve this treatment. Even those hot-heads down the street in DC don't deserve the flooding the East Coast is getting this week. Seriously. But the good news is once it all passes on through, it's supposed to be a lovely weekend. Like 60 degrees lovely. Sweet!

That's all I have for you, except I might remind you to play along with us in my G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y. You still have a couple of days to enter.

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  1. Oh yeah, I've got that same napkin (actually I snagged it from a friend's house last year). I love doing the hot card technique. Whenever I have friends travel overseas, I ask them to bring back paper napkins or printed tissue paper and then I do the melt plastic to the back thingy. You're a lot braver than I am though. I use freezer paper instead of the plastic bags. Lots easier and I don't melt any plastic to the iron...again...sigh.

    Here are a couple I did using napkins and freezer paper. Even made matching envelopes. The freezer paper is plastic coated on one side and thick paper on the other, so it makes a sturdy envelope.

  2. Super idea, thanks. An amazing card and feel the need to dig out my stash of paper napkins which I used to pinch from my mums every time she got a new and different pack :-D. I'm still rolling on the floor laughing at your "brain fart"!!!!!


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