Sunday, September 12, 2010

Market Update

It was another glorious market day yesterday. It was downright chilly at first, and some people were wearing jackets. Not me! I love this weather, and I run hot anyway. I did wear long pants and shoes, though (as opposed to short pants and flip-flops.)

Let's get started with some produce, shall we?

Here's my standard mater shot:

This week Farmer Mike messed with us and labeled them "tomatoes" instead. Hmph.


Monsta cukes. Grandpas, even.

Sweet peppers:

I love all the colors!

STILL with the okra:

Did you know that fresh-picked okra is fuzzy? True! Just look:

Mmm-hmm. My Tweeps were telling me I needed to buy some and try it fried. I hoped and prayed it would be sold out before the end of the market, but alas, there was some left. I'll blog about this tomorrow.

The only mutants the guys could find:


Here's the Asian varieties of eggplant(s):

... and some HOTHOT peppers:

I went back later and got artsy-fartsy again:

So pretty ...

Farmer Mike: "So, you gonna buy any?" Me: "Nope."


And two different varieties of basil:

This stuff tastes like basil, but it has a way more intense flavor. Almost peppery. I called it an after-burn as Farmer Mike laughed at me. I brought some home to use as an air freshener. OMG, just touch the stuff and it releases all its fragrance and fills the kitchen with YUM!

Plain-old boring basil:


... and more squash:

[Sudden change of focus]

ROCKS! Halloween rocks:

And some critter rocks:

Note especially that GORGEOUS custom-order cat on the chair!

And a glittery penguin:

I think he has bedroom eyes. ;)

Over at Farmer Katie's stand, more squash:

... and such a display of color:

I honestly think the girl farmers have an advantage over the boy farmers. Farmer Katie & her sister ROCK the presentation category.

It's APPLE time:

They also have their apples made into cider:

I got some, even though this stuff ... um ... I don't take kindly to apple juice or cider, even though I love the taste. That's all I'm going to say about that.

And lastly, some cut flowers:

One of the few things I actually did this week was grab last year's Halloween cards:

I'm not big on holiday cards because (1) who actually SENDS Halloween cards, anyway? and (2) they are SO specific that if they don't sell (and some of these are years old), then I have to store them for 11 more months. And we all know how much extra room I have in here to do that.

But you never know. I might just pull out my Halloween stamps and make one or two new ones. Maybe.

Then I wandered over to the flower tent with my vase. This week I got smart(er) and took pics of the names of some of the flowers so I'm not a total idiot when I show you their pics.

This one is ... looking it up ... Purple Majesty:

She also told me the "real" name for them, but c'mon, people, I had to take pics of the "common" names - you think I'm going to remember that? Pththt.


hee hee

And this one is a mystery flower because I have no pic of its name:


Cockscomb, aka: celosia -

Aggie gomph:


Next we have sunflowers:

and finally Zinnias:

I think these guys up close are amazing:

Then we have this (I forget its name), as I was mesmerized by these bees:

She said they LOVE whatever-its-name-is:

Whoa - that one's almost in focus, even.

Here is what she put together for me:

Love it!

Towards the end of the day, the bakery guys were whining that I didn't have any pics of their stuff, so I got these - Cheese Rolls:

Do not be deceived by my lame photography! These babies are about 5 or 6" across, and 2-3" thick. They're like a cross between a puff pastry and a croissant, and filled with cheddar cheese. OMG, so good.

Then we have these:

Custard-filled donuts. About 2" thick and STUFFED with custard. No, I got NOTHING from the bakery this week. I'm trying to quit.

And so there's not a riot on Twitter, the obligatory dog shot:

There you have it! Another glorious day at my local farmers market.

I had my Stamp Camp this morning, but no takers for this afternoon, so I took the time to work on some bookmarks. Kitty has a Vet appointment in the morning (shhhh, don't tell her) and then I plan to spend the day being constructive. Or not. I have 8 Ladies scheduled for Monday night's Stamp Camp, so I might just rest up for that. It's going to be cozy in here. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You're such a good photographer - those flowers are GORGEOUS! Cute dog too! As usual, great post.

  2. Ok I am coming to the market with you to spend the day. You make it so interesting! I do love the colors of the peppers too... we were walking today and admiring the colors of Sumac Your pepper photos made me think of it.

  3. I wish we had a market around here as awesome as yours! I may have missed it, but when is the last day that yours is open? In the fall so that they can do apples/pumpkins and such?

  4. Super pics, as always. .........the flower with the bee on looks like Sedum Spectabile, as I have just treated myself to a plant for the garden to keep the bees going now the weather is changing. Mine was called 'Autumn Joy'.......too true!

  5. That's it! One of these days I am so coming to your market! (Especially after seeing those pastries!) :)

  6. Just wish I could zip on over to your Farmer's Market from San Diego and then back home. I love those skull rocks...the craggy ones along with the ones with the monster trying to get out. Those cheese sticks look soooo yummy. I could almost smell the cheese in them & my mouth is watering.


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