Sunday, September 26, 2010

Random Sunday

Today I bring you Random Sunday, mostly because I'm feeling random and unfocused. I've been working on a few things I thought I'd show you, then I may need to nap from the exertion. Seriously.

1. I finally made a card from the last batch of card parts left over from my September Stamp Camp kits:

I'm calling this my Three Amighosts. I'm also calling this a mock-up since I managed to mess up the alignment with the blue layer and there is no white border on the bottom. Pthth.

I got the idea to use the owl punch to make ghosts here. (She is way smarter than I am; it was NOT my idea.) I created "night air" by swiping my Vanilla Craft Ink pad across the Not Quite Navy card stock.

It looked blah, so I added a piece of orange taffeta ribbon under the sentiment. I'm pretty happy with it. Now I can finally use up the extra kit parts and put everything away from the Stamp Camp. ;)

2. I took a pic of the SUN, and I LIVED:

I also had dirt on my lens, and I got some refraction (is that the right word?), so it is not a great pic, but I GOT A PIC OF THE SUN! It doesn't take much to make me happy.

3. One of my tweeps wondered if I made any Christmas cards with just a tree on them. Well, yes, I have, in the past. Here is one I did several years ago. I went looking for the measurements for the squares, and I found this blog post, where she has an EXCELLENT tutorial about how to make them. Here is one I cranked out this morning:

(Yes, the whole thing is crooked, so it's a mock-up. Sigh.) The paper is from the remains of a parent sheet I got several years ago. The card base is Sahara Sand, and I used my largest oval Nestie to cut the opening. I still want to try adding glitter to the folded parts, plus I might add a Merry Christmas at the bottom like I did with the Halloween sentiment on my Three Amighosts card.

4. Bookmarks. I made bookmarks.

Forty-nine bookmarks (there were a few fatalities, or it would have been more). This is actually the end-result of many hours' labor, and I'll be GIVING these away. Truth. One with each Holiday Craft Show sale, and also with my online etsy orders. Now, if I maybe upload some cards to sell, that might actually happen.

5. A Farmer Mike epiphany. As I was sitting at my table at the farmers market yesterday, I made tassels for the bookmarks between sales. It was a slow day, so I made a LOT of tassels. 45 to be exact. I followed the video instructions to wrap the DMC floss around a piece of folded cardboard, tie the top, cut the bottom, then attach the binding around the threads.

Farmer Mike was watching me when I wasn't looking (and I can usually sense when he is hovering), and he said I was doing things the hard way. I followed his suggestion, and OMG, HE IS SO SMART! Allow me to share with you my new tassel-making method. Note: This only works if you are starting with a new skein of floss (are these things called skeins, or is that just yarn? Whatever.)

By the way, I took these pics at my farmers market table, which will explain all the plastic boxes you see. I told you sales were slow.

a) This is a new skein of floss:

b) Take off the wrappers:

c) Cut four pieces to use as your ties (just like you would in the original method):

Now this is where he stopped me. I was unwinding the rest of the skein at this step in the process to cut it in half and wind it around the cardboard. From this point on, I bring you Farmer Mike's Idea:

d) Take one of the ties and tie it through the already looped skein of floss:

Do the same thing on the other end.

e) Take the other strings and tie your bindings:

f) Cut the thing in half:


Since I only get two tassels out of a skein of DMC floss anyway, this was so much easier than the other method. I don't think things are as tight this way, but it's definitely an nice alternative.

6) A G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y is imminent. Back when I hit 1000 posts, I promised you I'd give stuff away. And I will. I even have a clue as to what it will be and how I will do it. By tomorrow I shall have A Plan. Promise.

That is all my brain can handle today. I think I'm suffering from the fumes of cleaning supplies. Yes, I cleaned a little bit. I have a clean refrigerator, inside and out, and for grins I also cleaned the stove and dishwasher. I have clean stainless steel appliances. They don't actually "gleam", but I think they would if they could.

While I'm feeling domestic, I may fold some of these towels. And vacuum. Then maybe I'll stamp some more.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. 5. I like the way Farmer Mike Git's 'er Done ....

    wv "norcalsa" Salsa from North California

  2. 1. Love those ghosties! That owl punch is so versatile.
    2. Farmer Mike is BRILLIANT!!
    3. Love the paper you used on your tree. I made a few of those as well, only I used stickles all over. If you wish, you may see it here:
    4. Are snowflakes appropriate for Hanukkah cards??

    Hope you enjoy your week :)
    Kelli x

  3. I am so impressed by all of your book marks AND by Farmer Mike...a crafty guy...gotta love that!

    The owl/ghosts are very cute :)

  4. I was wondering if you could do it that way...apparently you can! And I love your little ghosties too! :)

  5. So, I'm does Farmer Mike know so much about making tassels, hmmm? ;)

  6. oof! miss lisa STOLE MY COMMENT!!! (which, ok, fair dues, she got here TWO DAYS before me, so i guess i will let it slide THIS TIME!!!) farmer mike ♥IS♥ clearly a genius tho, so we will tactfully not refer to his days as a burlesque performer in albuquerque. :)

    ps: i think you should make a bunch more of the THREE AMIGHOSTS and actually put the title on the front and "happy halloween" INSIDE. i predict you will sell GAZZILLIONS of them!!!!!!!!!! (BEST. TITLE. EVER!!!!!!!!!!)


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