Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Little Blog Maintenance

Good morning! Just to let you know I've done a little blog maintenance. I've FINALLY added a Followers box over there on the left. I thank you ALL for already following me, in spite of the fact that I had no Follow box before. Now I see I have more than 3 (maybe 4) readers. NICE!

Second, I took down the poll about check books (I guess you don't want to know that I just ordered more PAPER checks, huh?). Sigh, I am so old-fashioned. But in the craft show world, checks are pretty standard. I just sent in two applications for shows that said "Make checks payable to ...". No option for charging the table fee.

I have replaced the check book poll with one about Green Peppers. Yesterday on Twitter, there was quite the animated discussion about how people HATED green bell peppers, but LOVED red ones. I pointed out (as I tend to do) that they are the same creature, just the red one stayed on the vine longer.

I took a quick poll at work, and there were some strong feelings there, too. So the new poll is up (in my right side bar)! Have at it!


  1. Cool you haz followers. I really wish they would call it something else though. "followers" Sounds like some kind of religeous movement. maybe we can petition google to call it something like "friends who like to read my babbling" or " they who read this when they should be doing something else"
    So while we are on the subject why not bop over to my paperplay blog and follow it ....and bring your cadre of followes too.

  2. Yea! Now I can "follow" you instead of just "stalk" you! ;)

  3. Cooool!'ll soon have maybe 100's. x

  4. I've been following your blog for a while!! LOL I love reading your thoughts and all about the cards, even though I have no clue what half the abbreviations stand for half the time. HUGZ and can't wait to see how your Stamp Camp goes!


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