Friday, September 3, 2010

More For The Boys, and a Critter Card

The other day I posted some masculine Happy Birthday cards using these papers. Then I got bored (I mean, how many of them do I really need, right?) and decided to make the rest as Thank You cards.

One problem: the Thank You sentiment doesn't span as much of the card, so I have "issues" with which to deal. Just look at this:

Yawn. And no, I didn't listen to BR #2, and I put the stripes on top again on this one. I was bored with them all the same, okay?!

See how the sentiment just ... stops? Not knowing WHAT to do, since I'd broken one of my own rules and stuck down all the brown strips, leaving me NO option to wrap anything around them, I did every single one of these differently. Let's take a short tour, shall we?


Here I tried wrapping twine around one end of the sentiment strip and notching the other one. Eh, not so great.


Instead of the twine, I used one of my hoarded TessaAnn ( buttons. Better.


Same as #3, but I went totally crazy and put a Dimensional under the center of the sentiment:

I know. The excitement around here the past few days has been more than I could handle. Not.


Same as #3, but with a different colored button.


Again with the bumped-up sentiment.

So that's 6 Thank You cards to bag and tag tonight. And between these and the 6 Birthday cards, I used ... are you sitting down? ... ... TWO WHOLE PIECES of hoarded DSP. I know, at this rate I'll be 164 years old before I use it all, and that's only if I stop buying more. Oh, did I tell you my new packages (plural) of Basic Grey are in and waiting for me at Angela's? Mmm-hm.

Next up: I actually made something a little different this afternoon. For many moons, I've wanted to make some pet sympathy cards. I've always liked the Rainbow Bridge idea, and when I got my Critters In The Burbs set from LawnFawn (, I thought I'd use it plus my still-uninked Rain & Sunshine set from There She Goes (, to make this:

This is actually my mock-up. The dog, tree and tennis ball are from the Critters in the Burbs set. The grass is a Die-namics die from My Favorite Things. The rainbow is from the TSG Rain & Sunshine set. The tree was dry-embossed with the SU Square Lattice folder. The oval punches and all the paper are from SU.

I was going to make 3 for dogs and 3 for cats, but after I did all my cutting (there was an awful lot of cutting for 6 of these), I messed up and stamped the dog 6 times. Oops. I guess I could make some more for cats. Next weekend.

I still want to make "something with a guitar" and "something for golf" cards tonight, and I need to be at tomorrow's market and set up before 7:45 am, or after 9:30. There's a 5K race every year that goes right past our corner, so I like to be there early. Yawn.

In other news, the cocoon is still a cocoon. No sign of a butterfly or a moth yet. I look at it every time I pass by, so maybe this weekend I'll have a winged thing. :)

That's all! My stamps are calling to me!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I like what you did with the buttons and the twine. It added just the right touch. I have a question - when you sell your cards do you have a stamp for the back and do you include a business card? I have a local store interested and I'm not sure how to handle that.


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