Sunday, September 5, 2010

Market Update

It was a PERFECT market day yesterday. It was sunny and breezy and, most importantly, not hot!

We all got there really, really early, because there's an annual 5K race through the area, and the streets are closed between 7:30 and 9:30 am. Yeah, we could get there after 9:30, but with all those early people out to watch the runners, well, it's good for business. So "early" it is.

Oooh, look who graced us with their presence most of the day:

Some of our local fire fighters collecting for Muscular Dystrophy. No one complained about the eye candy. Mmmmm.

Since I was there so early, I took a bazillion photos. I apologize in advance. You might want to grab a cuppa before you go much further.

This little guy was out early:

Yes, he is a blur, because he would.not.stay.still. He is a Miniature Australian Shepherd.

See what I mean about the blur:

Finally, he rested for a split second:

He's about 10 weeks old, and was quite the crowd-pleaser. A little later in the day he was mobbed by all the people milling about. Puppies tend to attract crowds.

Farmer Mike was still setting up, so I wandered over to the flower tent. These are ... Monkey Balls:

Not kidding. That's what she told me, and with a straight face, too.

More ... Monkey Balls:

(I just love typing that!)



And remember: it's only a weed if you don't want it.

Bamboo is considered a weed, but I want some. People who consider Bamboo a weed, and a nasty one at that, look at me in horror when I say such things. But seriously, I'd love to have some bamboo growing in my yard. Heck, I'd love to have a yard.

Moving on. Cockscomb:

That one with two colors actually grew that way. No tricks. No smoke & mirrors.

And here is what they put together for me:

Every year the neighborhood organization hires a band for the race. They set up near us, and this year we had these two people:

A uke and a guitar. It was quite pleasant and, more importantly, not LOUD! One year we couldn't hear ourselves think.

I had to walk about 1/2 a block to get to the band, and along the way I met this fellow:

Another blurry moving target. I tried again:

She's about 4 months old. LOVE those ears!

This guy was sitting patiently in his stroller:

... just listening to the music with his owner. I asked if this was HIS stroller, and the guy told me yeah, their youngest is 11 now, and rolled his eyes. The pup seems quite content, don't you think? :)

HEY! How did this get in here?!

(Hi, guys! *waves*)

Okay, back to the routine. Here's some maters:

... with some tomatillos. Farmer Mike: "You gonna buy some?" Me: "Nope."

OMG, STILL with the okra:

blech. blech blech blech.

Bell peppers:

More bell peppers:

And eggplant. OMG, the eggplant over-floweth. Here's bin #1:



and #4:

"You gonna buy any?" "Nope." I'm actually still working on last week's. ;(

And there were NO MUTANTS this week. None. Boo.


HOT peppers:

"You gonna buy any?" "Nope."


Mmmm ... basil. LOVE smelling this all day long.

Farmer Margie had some Damson Plums:

She said they were mostly for cooking. Maybe plum pudding? I've never cooked with plums that I can recall.

And she had the biggest bin of red bell peppers:

These were mostly gone by day's end.


I almost bought one or two ears, but then I remembers corn doesn't like me, so I resisted.

Farmer Katie had a nice selection of squash:

... and a huge line of people in front of the fruit:

Farmer Katie's sister, Sarah, actually ran in the 5K race, then came back to sell veggies. I'm not kidding. She said she ran track and cross country in school, plus she's YOUNG, so okay, I felt better. But only a little bit. I'd have been horizontal and comatose after a 5K run.

Here's their cut flowers:

... and you can see some runners in the background.

Oh, hello again:

Ahem. Sorry.

I was taking pics of Farmer Mike's potted flowers when he pointed out this fellow:

A grasshopper having lunch. Ew. Grasshoppers are gross.

More Winter Wax Asian Melons:

... and spaghetti squash:

... and some neck pumpkins:

Farmer Katie calls them neck pumpkins; I think Farmer Mike calls then long-neck squash.

A doggie encounter:

We had no inappropriate farmers market attire this week, though some of the male runners were not wearing shirts. Some of the women thought that was quite appropriate, though, especially the runners with six-pack abs. One guy was running barefoot AND shirtless. We applauded him. ;)

Since there were no mutant eggplants this week, Farmer Mike decided to point out to me that Farmer Margie had mutant potatoes. Not quite as entertaining, but here we go:

Yawn. I like the eggplants better.

For the last photo, one more time:


So why are policemen called "Our City's Finest"? Do firemen get the same privilege? Well, these guys deserve SOMEthing, don't you agree? Mmmmm ... nice.

Back to reality. I did sell one each of my Special Request golf and guitar cards. Overall, sales were about average ... nothing to dance about, but I'm not crying, either.

Today I get to fill out all my craft show applications that I've only verbally applied for. Then I get to make up all four projects for next weekend's Stamp Camps. Yeah, busy day. I hope to succeed in the stamping arena and have something to show you later.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Forget the firefighters and the food stuff, I WANT THE PUPPEH IN THE STROLLER!!!!!

  2. The firefighters are always AWESOME and I applaud their efforts always. Yeah...the mutant potatoes weren't as much fun, but there was one there that looked like a duck. I really miss the farmers market here!!

  3. Awww love the puppies - I didn't know there were miniature Aussies! And the firefighters are kinda cute too. And I love the white eggplants - I never see those around here.

  4. I think the mutant potatoes border on being "ewwww". The firemen on the other hand....Could've used another one of them mixed in your post - you know, the picture posted once for each guy in it ;) The flowers are all beautiful and it looks like it was another great day!

  5. The vegetables are great, the puppies are cute, but the it hot in here or is it me?? Whew!

  6. I get your posts but HAD to go to your blog to post today. Really enjoyed this post...all the fruits, veggies, puppies, and all those firemen. *sigh* Is it a requirement that guys have to be handsome to be a firefighter, or do the handsome guys decide to be firefighters. Well, however it is, I thoroughly enjoyed the pics. :o) Yeah, the mutant eggplants are much more fun than the mutant potatoes, but the monkey balls made up for it.

  7. Thanks for the doggies!!!

  8. woohhooo lots of eye candy here! DOGS and men in uniform... what more can a gal ask for?


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