Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More of the Same (#999)

I've been a busy bee the past week, but I've not made anything new. Okay, technically these are new cards, but they are just multiples of cards you've seen before. Semantics. Sigh.

I thought I'd take a break from my mass-production to show you a few differences in what I've made. For example, the different ribbons on these cards:

My serving suggestion for The Ladies used the green ribbon, but I had the purple one out to give them options, and I think almost all of them went with purple. When I made the extras, I did half and half. I am soooo indecisive.

These next two cards differ only in the added leaves at the bottom of the one on the right:

Of the 6 cards I made, two of them got these leaves:

Why? Because I stamped the sentiment first (in case I got it crooked) and I got it crooked on two of them. As every stamper knows, each piece of card stock has two sides, so I flipped it over and tried again. Unfortunately, the dark ink of the "bad" sentiment showed through the white and needed to be covered up somehow. Thus, the leaves. I punched them with a leaf punch I've had since before I'd ever heard of SU, and the DSP paper I used for them is from my "hahahaha I now own every color of SU DSP" paper collection.

Next up are two versions of this card:

When I was cutting supplies for the kits, I knew I didn't have enough of that pattern on the left to go around, so I chose another design with a horizontal pattern. Here's a pic of the two papers:

Also, the one on the right doesn't have a sentiment yet. Several of The Ladies opted for no sentiment, and I kindof like that.

The fourth card we made was the bat card from instructions I bought, and I didn't feel right making the cards to sell, so I didn't. I still may use the kit parts to make something else, though.

Then last night, I stamped 20 cod images and cut them out. Then I declared HAND CRAMP and called it a night. TONIGHT I cut and stamped the rest of the parts-is-parts to make a bunch of these:

I made all the versions: Anniversary, Thank You, Thinking of you, Birthday, Get Well, and this one (which had not ever seen ink):

I was very proud of myself for thinking to stamp the little A Muse Santa hat. I even put Flower Soft on the white parts! But when I went to put it on the fish, I saw the top of the hat goes in the wrong direction! (By the way, this is a perfect example of where a digital image would save you. Just reverse the image and it would work.)

So I made that one above, then I did this with the other one:

I actually really like the spot of color the hat brings to the card, don't you? Do you have a preference? (On the fish versus on the sentiment.) Inquiring minds want to know, especially mine!

So you see, I have not made anything new, just more of the same. I have an idea for a card to make tomorrow night. Let's hope it actually happens.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: My next post will be #1000. Whoo-hoo!


  1. Your "cods" are lovely. I especially like the Santa Cod.

  2. All lovely cards as usual, but the 'cods' are to die for. I like the way he has his hat on crooked (no pun intended lol!) I was in love with these cards the first time round and now I NEED to make some. Hope I can find something similar stampwise here in the UK. Thanks for all your inspiration. x

  3. Ha, I love the cod!!!! All your cards are special, but this one is nearly as good as the Peas card!


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