Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wherein Crook Eats Okra

I promised you a post about okra, and here it is. I also promised myself I'd try to be nice about it. I'm trying.

But first, to stall just a bit more, I wanted to show you my first batch of completed bookmarks:

Aren't they purdy? I'm sending this batch (and maybe some more, if I get to them) to the organizer of the Falling for Handmade craft show in which I'll be participating on Oct 16th. I'll drop more not-so-subtle hints about that later. Tonight it's ALL about the (gag) okra.

Here is some cultivated okra in its just-picked state:

Some small. Some large. You know they were just picked because they are still fuzzy:

Since not all of these sold before the end of Saturday's market, I bought some. NOT A LOT, just these:

The dime is for perspective (gots to have perspective). That's four baby ones and one Big Bertha for comparison. Here's what I did to prepare them:

1. Wash.
2. For the smaller ones, I just cut off about half the stem and left the rest intact.
3. For the large one, I cut off the top and bottom, then sliced it into about 1/4" slices.
4. Mixed some flour + cornmeal + salt + pepper
5. Heated enough vegetable oil to cover the largest pod
6. Dredged the pieces in the flour and dropped them into the hot oil
7. Waited, turning so as not to burn them
8. Removed them
9. Stared at them
10. Thought no one would be the wiser if I didn't eat the stuff and just TOLD them I did.
11. Remembered I am a terrible liar.
12. Ate one of the whole ones.
13. Meh
14. Ate one of the slices. Crunchier, but still Meh.
15. Ate the rest of them.
16. Meh. Meh. Meh.
17. Cleaned up my mess.

Verdict: I do not like okra. I will agree that when fried it is at least not slimy, but it still tastes like okra, and there is no reason on this earth that I should ever HAVE to eat it ever again, so I choose not to.

There. I've done what I said I'd do. The end.

In other news, tonight I am making the cards from the left-over class kits (I had a few cancellations). It is so nice to have not only a sample card to follow, but all of the card stock pre-cut. I know, I repeat myself, but it's true! I think I need to find another Demo and take her classes just to have that luxury once in a while. :)

I've done 6 of one card so far, which leaves me with 18 to go (3 cards x 6 kits). I hope to get them done by Friday so I have something new to bring to the Market with me on Saturday.

I also got a shipment of 4 (FOUR) new sets of Nestabilities which will need to see some lovin'. I hope to find some time to use at least one of them before Saturday.

That's it! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the bookmarks! You are a tassel making fool. Okra isn't all that tasty but if you put the right batter on it, it isn't too terrible. I haven't ever prepared any myself, but I've had it at restaurants and it was passable. At least now you know for sure you don't like it.

  2. Yep, okra is nasty! :)

    Thanks for the very good laugh this evening.

    Your bookmarks are lovely. As are you. Awww! :)

  3. Okra is DELICIOUS! My whole family likes okra. Except we do not fry it. We steam or lightly boil and then dunk in garlic/soysauce. Yummers!

    ps.. love the bookmarks....

  4. I'm with you, okra stands high on my list of no-thank-you bites.

    PS - your bookmarks are great!

  5. I'm with Lisa and Kelly. There's so much food in the world - why would one settle for something that looks and tastes like snot?

    Even liberally sprinkled with rusemic (wv) I do not like okra.

  6. Leslie, it's better with ketchup! The ONLY thing tasty with okra is gumbo, and that's because you can't taste the okra in it!

  7. Wow, this be one huge okra discussion, and I'm not sure that unassuming little veggie is worth the trouble.
    But it seems the world is parted in two: Okra-lovers, and not so.
    BUT: that was really brave of you!!!!


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