Thursday, April 28, 2011

An A-Musing Evening

I have a new love. My new love is the Eucalyptus color of paper and ink from A Muse | Studio. I am also impressed that I can actually spell it.

When A Muse decided to pull out of retail stores, I was sad. Then they announced they were going into the Home Party Model biz, kinda like SU. I figured I'd never see A Muse again. Then, one of my bloggy and tweety pals, Mary Dawn, signed up as an A Muse | Studio Consultant! SHE DID! That meant I actually knew someone I could contact and ask questions and ... and ... I was soooo happy.

Then I placed my first order with her. THAT was when I discovered the Eucalyptus paper and ink. They arrived a few days ago, and tonight I went into the craft room to introduce that rubbah to some ink. Here is the card I've kinda had in my head for 2 days:

I wanted to make it 100% a|s (A Muse Studio), but I blew it with the branch punched from some SU DSP with an SU punch, but everything ELSE is a|s. What do you think of those teeny clouds?! DIES! Teeny cloud dies. Love them!

Here is the second one I made:

So fun!

While I was messing with the supplies, I had a happy little discovery. Lookie:

Those light blue remnants are parts of some SU Lattice die-cut pieces I've been playing with (with which I've been playing), and I think SU's Baja Breeze will coordinate with a|s Eucalyptus just fine!

Also in that corner heap are some poppy-colored fleurs I made last weekend using some clay I had laying around and molds I got on etsy. I'll blog about those when I actually use one. ;/

So if you need to scratch your A Muse itch, head on over to Mary Dawn's blog and check out her schtuff. While you are there, check out her card stock shares. You want to do this. Why? Because *I* am in that Shimmer Couture Damask Share, and we need more peeps to fill it up, that's why! I WANT MY PAPER! (heh heh Sorry about that. )

You will probably be seeing some more of my a|s haul over the next few weeks as I use 'em, then put them away. I might even use some of the SU Baja Breeze die-cut parts, and one of those poppy fleurs. Then I won't have to put them away. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. i love that chubby little bird! (i ordered eucalyptus ink in my most recent order!)


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