Monday, April 4, 2011

Hambo Hoedown #9 - Bright and Hot!

Once again, I'm slipping this in under the wire. Stoopid taxes have distracted me for two days. So ANYway, this week's image for the Hambo Hoedown challenge is this cutie-patootie caterpillar:

We were also supposed to use HOT PINK and BRIGHT GREEN. Hot pink, AGAIN?!?!?! What is this evil plot with blogosphere challenges lately to force me to use (gah) pink?!?!?!

I rummaged through the Heaplet looking for anything with pink and green in it, and found some remnants I'd used from two other cards to make this:

It's tough to tell because of my lack of photography skills, but there is glitter pen on his antennae and the spots on his back. I guess you'll have to trust me on that one. ;/ Oh, and do you like the 84 different shades of (gah) pink I used?

The good news is I opened and used that fun word set from Sale-A-Bration. I think I''ll get a lot of use out of it, too.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think Turbo Tax has finished loading, and I must get that stuff done today. My life rocks.

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  1. Haha Leslie, you crack me up! I'm not a big fan of pink as a color either (though P!NK is great!) and would have a hard time finding the right papers myself. With that said, I LOVE how your card turned out! Just enough pink to be cute, yet not enough to make me heave. GREAT job with the challenge, and with time to spare no less! Thanks for playin'! :)

  2. Oh Monica - oh Leslie --
    You two need to get with the program. PINK IS IT!! And how can you not love pink, Monica, when pigs are PINK???

    Well in any case, Leslie, I do like your card and the PINK shoes! :)
    Very cute!

    Now I have to go to MY taxes!

  3. Cuh-UTE!!! I have that embossed paper somewhere too...
    Your card is super adorable, Leslie :)

  4. Tee Hee...I am so glad you toughed it out and used some pink! Thanks for playing along with the Hoedown this week!

  5. As much as you apparently don't like pink, you did a fabulous job with it on your card! I love it! Absolutely adorable!

  6. I (heart) him! Oh so ca-yu-ute! I (gah) pink, too. And it's always so hard for me. But you really rocked this one. I'd be happy to get it. Awesome job!

  7. He's a cutie. Even if he IS wearing (gah!!) neon pink tennies! =:O

    Adorable card, there, missy. That's one happy caterpillar. :)


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