Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oooh, Shimmery

I'm doing my best to stay busy today. I've cleaned out a closet and packed up all sorts of stuff to give away next week, and I got a little stampy. Yeah, it truly is good therapy.

I'd had this card planned for last night, but, well, I just got to it. You see, one of my Tweeps and bloggy pals, Mary Dawn (of MyPinkMexico) just became an A Muse Consultant. (I am doomed.) So anyway, she is offering up a paper share for the Shimmer Couture Damask papers, and I told her sorry, but I already owned ALL the A Muse papers ... some in triplicate. To prove it, I went to my stash and pulled out the A Muse section only to find I had all the papers EXCEPT for the Shimmer Damask. I had one piece. ONE PIECE! Who buys ONE PIECE of paper?!?!? Not me! I think someone stole it when I wasn't looking. Mmmm-hmm. So I decided to make a card with my one piece of Shimmer Damask card stock:

What is all the froo-froo stuff!?!?!?! I got bit by the bug and bought some pleated ribbons and some flower ribbon and decided they worked together here. I didn't want to cover up the shimmer or the pattern. The sentiment is from a tiny Hero Arts set, and in keeping with the "shimmer" theme here, I stamped it on SU Shimmer White. I punched it out with the Modern Label punch and decided I didn't like the end, so I cut it. That explains the wonky shape in the middle of that piece. ;/

Wanna see some shimmer? Lookie:

In spite of my horrific lighting you CAN see the shimmer. I love this paper.

Here is a second card I made with another sentiment from the HA set:

For this one I went really crazy and used a piece of white HA lace trim that somehow jumped into my online shopping cart, and a green gem that came with the mini HA stamp set.

I kinda like these. I'm glad I signed up for the paper share, because I want MORE of these papers. In fact, I want YOU to sign up, too, so the shares fill up and I can get my hands on my paper!!!!!!!! (selfish, much?) I love enabling others, don't you? I thought so. :)

I also made my Jingle Belles card for this week, and I'll post that next.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful cards - love the rosette especially!

  2. I am soooooooo glad that I signed up for that paper share! I hope it fills up quickly too. I want my paper!! And I love that rosette! Gorgeous!!! Seriously pretty. What'd ya make it with? Huh? Huh? Details por favor. :)

    Loving that pleated ribbon, madam enabler. I'm trying desperately to ignore that. Seeing as I currently own no pleated ribbon. GAH!

  3. these are just beautiful, leslie! OMGosh, simple, striking, perfect! and i'm not just sayin' so because you advertised for me LOL <3

  4. Oh, I think I have a non-shimmery similar BG paper somewhere like this that I never knew what to do with...thanks for the fab inspiration, L! I think I need to buy ribbon like that too; too much trouble to make it myself :)


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