Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Have A Weener!

Last Friday marked the 4-year anniversary of my entry to the Blogoshpere, and I posted a list of questions for you to answer for a chance to win a pack of two embossing folders. That post got 21 responses - TWENTY ONE! And most of you got the answers right, even. Am I that transparent? Were the questions too easy? :)

Here are my responses, or at least the ones in my head when I made up the questions:

1. What is my favorite thing to put on a card? RIBBON!
2. What do I do every Saturday in the Summer months? Farmers Markets
3. What's my favorite kind of card to make? Irreverent/snarky
4. What is my favorite color? green
5. What is my favorite snack? (trick question - I don't snack.)
6. What is your name? (most of you got this one right)

Okay, just to be clear, for those of you who answered "jalapeno poppers" for my snack, that was a good one, but when I make those, they are "dinner", not a snack. Close, but no cigar.

Luckily for you, though, the answers do not even matter! Nope! I decided to use random.org to pick a number from 1 to 22*, and here's the result:

Comment #4 belongs to ... drum-roll, please ... Mary Dawn! Woo-hoo! (The crowd goes wild.) I shall get that off to you shortly. :)

I want to thank you ALL for playing, and for sticking with me these past four years. THANK YOU!

But wait, there's more. heh heh I have to show you a little something I made last weekend. Remember how I said "okay, just one more" ribbon wreath? Well, I tried to disappear some of my Every Color Pink Ribbon But The One I Need hoard. It didn't work, though I will say: as much as I don't like pink, I do use it for little girl cards.

Here is my girlie pink ribbon wreath under glass:

The photo is crooked and poorly lit, sorry. I'm pretty sure the letters are mostly straight. ;/ The letters are wooden, and colored with my new-to-me white acrylic paint marker. I kinda like this, even if it is GAH pink.

Okay, that is all. Thanks again for playing, and I hope to be back soon with something other than a ribbon wreath. It just might be possible for me to get tired of ribbon. ... ... Or not.

Thanks for stopping by!

* Luckily for me, random.org didn't select #22, because with 21 responses, that could have been awkward.


  1. love the wreath...i am so lucky on this blog LOL thank you...here's to 4 more smashing years

  2. yay for Mary Dawn!!

    love that pink wreath... so super cute... Ahhh if only Spark had been a girl, i'd be all over that...

  3. That is really...well.. sweet. It would be great in a nursery or for a baby shower gift.
    Look at you being all cute and frilly!! Are you putting these on Etsy? They most definately have to come to market!!!


  4. Leslie...are you feeling ok?

  5. Wow, this is so pretty Leslie! Love what you did with the ribbon, gorgeous!


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