Sunday, April 24, 2011

Okay, Okay, One More (But This One Is Different)

Back when I first started playing with ribbon wreaths, my pal MB, who had assured me I had the skillz to attempt this in the first place, was inspired by my meager efforts to make one of her own. Now remember, this woman HAS ribbon skillz, where I do not, unless you count tying a bow on a card. THAT I can do.

Here is her "I think I'll try this" result:

*thud* I KNOW! GOR-JUS! Seriously. Oh, and that's a 22" frame, where my first few attempts were 3". Uh-huh. See how nice and densely packed her ribbons are?

So I had this hair-brained idea that I could maybe make a dent in my boxes of Every Color Blue and Green Ribbons But The One I Need and USE THEM to make a door-sized wreath. Yeah, I thought that.

Here's the result of my labors:

Now let's talk about this. First, it's a 12" frame. I'm not THAT crazy to go up to 22". Second, it's already had two hair cuts. Third, those ribbons are naturally curled because of my "I must store all these ribbons on wooden clothes pins" project of several years ago. Yep, tightly wound, like their owner.

It still looks straggly, so I'm sure it needs some filling in, but right now my back hurts too much to think about it any more today.

As for those Every Color Blue and Green Ribbons But The One I Need, and why I even have them? Back in my neophyte crafty card-making days, I bought them because I thought they would inspire me to use them with the colors contained therein, or because they would certainly go with something, but alas, they go with nothing. This wreath is my attempt to use all the "goes with nothing" and "gah, what color is that green?" ribbons TOGETHER so now they go with each other. Here's a sampling from the top of the wreath:

Sadly, I have not made a very big dent in the Every Color Blue and Green Ribbons But The One I Need cache, though the size of the spools has diminished considerably. I only emptied 6 spools; the rest are just smaller. Sigh.

In other news, thanks for all the entries on my Blogiversary post. I'm working on a method to select the lucky winner. Hopefully later today I'll get a clue.

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  1. I have been dying to do one of these. But then I think "All that will cost a bloody fortune!" I try not to think about the drawers full of unused ribbon just sitting there, waiting for me to do something with them. Maybe I should.

    Is it a wire frame?


  2. You gotz skillz! I like your wreath and I applaud you for delving into the depths of your ribbon stash. Do some more delving and tying, and you will have some lovely wreaths to sell at the Market soon. I bet people would love them.

  3. Your skills are growing and your wreath is beutiful.
    When I was growing up my mom and I used to make wreathes like this using plastic bread bags instead of ribbon.
    I saw one made with torn strips of fabric too.
    Nice work !

  4. Both are beautiful!!! I lol'd when you said you had not even made a dent in your ribbon stash. I may try to make one for our door at Christmas in reds and gold or silver. Beautiful work. Sell them at your market..just think...empty out your ribbon storage and you have drawers to put all the new stuff you buy LOL
    Happy Easter!

  5. Whoa...whoa...WHOA!!! Hold the PHONE there, missy!! THAT is one GORJUS wreath!! I feel like giving you a slap-down for calling it "lame" on Twitter! (Can I do that? At least virtually?!) It's beautiful.

    I'm tremendously impressed by the stunning array of patterns and the assorted hues of blues/greens. The touches of white really just set it off.

    (Yes, *I* really said the above.)

    This is magnificent, Leslie. You should be proud!! ♥

  6. Gorgeous wreath! I love it! I actually made something similar when I was a kid - with a heart shaped coathanger & some kind of red plastic. I gave it to a boy I had a crush on - he was very embarrassed.

  7. Hey, that came out really pretty!
    Remind me to knock you upside the head for doubting your skills!


    ps... thanks for the compliment on my wreath :-)

  8. It's stunning!! I actually really like it curly and the colors are so Lydia approved!

    Is your ribbon still on clothespins? I've been pondering that.

  9. I love both of them but don't think I would attempt the 22 inch one. Years ago I had made a wreath with 2" squares of material and then poked into the center of the square and then into a styrofoam wreath and it turned out really nice. Have a great day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  10. that wreath is GORGEOUS! so so so awesome.

  11. WOW this is fabtastic xx Jan

  12. It's fabulous I wouldn't even attempt one so well done for going big and I think the curls add a great look to it pat on the back deserved
    Jacki xx


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